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Russia To Seize $440 Million From JPMorgan | ZeroHedge

Russia To Seize $440 Million From JPMorgan



THURSDAY, APR 25, 2024 - 09:45 AM


Seizing assets? Two can play at that game…


Just days after Washington voted to authorize the REPO Act - paving the way for the Biden administration confiscate billions in Russian sovereign assets which sit in US banks - it appears Moscow has a plan of its own (let's call it the REVERSE REPO Act) as a Russian court has ordered the seizure of $440 million from JPMorgan.


The seizure order follows from Kremlin-run lender VTB launching legal action against the largest US bank to recoup money stuck under Washington’s sanctions regime.


As The FT reports, the order, published in the Russian court register on Wednesday, targets funds in JPMorgan’s accounts and shares in its Russian subsidiaries, according to the ruling issued by the arbitration court in St Petersburg.


The assets had been frozen by authorities in the wake of the western sanctions, and highlights some of the fallout western companies are feeling from the punitive measures against Moscow.


Specifically, The FT notes that the dispute centers on $439mn in funds that VTB held in a JPMorgan account in the US.


When Washington imposed sanctions on the Kremlin-run bank, JPMorgan had to move the funds to a separate escrow account. Under the US sanctions regime, neither VTB nor JPMorgan can access the funds.


In response, VTB last week filed a lawsuit against the New York-based group to get Russian authorities to freeze the equivalent amount in Russia, warning that JPMorgan was seeking to leave Russia and would refuse to pay any compensation.


The following day, JPMorgan filed its own lawsuit against the Russian lender in a US court to prevent a seizure of its assets, arguing that it had no way to reclaim VTB’s stranded US funds to compensate its own potential losses from the Russian lawsuit.


Yesterday's decision sided with VTB, ordering the seizure of funds in JPMorgan’s Russian accounts and “movable and immovable property,” including its stake of a Russian subsidiary.


JPMorgan said it faced "certain and irreparable harm" from VTB’s efforts, exposed to a nearly half-billion-dollar loss, for merely abiding by U.S. sanctions.


The order was the latest example of American banks getting caught between the demands of Western sanctions regimes and overseas interests. Last summer, a Russian court froze about $36mn worth of assets owned by Goldman following a lawsuit by state-owned bank Otkritie. A few months later the court ruled that the Wall Street investment bank had to pay the funds to Otkritie.


The tit-for-tat continues.


Russia appears to be setting the precedence for the world to follow. The mentally ill in the West does not know how to take “NO” as an answer. When will the psychopaths learn?


Venezuela’s economic crisis fueled by looting of its state-owned oil company | International | EL PAÍS English (elpais.com)

Venezuela’s economic crisis fueled by looting of its state-owned oil company


PDVSA, the country’s main source of income, has been plundered by decades of corrupt and incompetent management



Caracas - APR 17, 2024 - 18:03 EDT

The decline of Petróleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA), Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, has mirrored the country’s economic struggles over the past 10 years. The recent arrest of former oil minister Tareck El Aissami, a trusted ally of President Nicolás Maduro, for allegedly diverting billions of dollars, is the latest example of the decades-long drain on the country’s main source of income. Several PDVSA presidents have been accused of corruption since Hugo Chávez and his followers seized control of Venezuela. Two have been convicted, one fled into exile, and another died in prison.

ベネズエラの国営石油会社であるPetroleos de Venezuela SAPDVSA)の衰退は、過去10年間の同国の経済的苦境を反映している。ニコラス・マドゥロ大統領の信頼厚い盟友であるタレック・エル・アイサミ元石油相が数十億ドルを流用した疑いで逮捕されたことは、同国の主要な収入源が数十年にわたって流出し続けていることを示す最新の例である。ウゴ・チャベスとその支持者たちがベネズエラを掌握して以来、何人かのPDVSA社長が汚職で告発されてきた。2人が有罪判決を受け、1人は亡命し、もう1人は獄中で死亡した。

Rafael Ramírez, a key figure in the Chávez power structure, is the exile. He served as president of PDVSA from 2004 to 2013 and was Hugo Chávez’s energy czar. Ramírez steadfastly denies the corruption charges made by former colleagues who allege he embezzled millions through irregular transactions, siphoning capital, secret accounts, bribes and money laundering. Opposition party legislators levied similar charges in 2016.


Ramírez was replaced by Eulogio del Pino in 2014. In September 2017, he was arrested at his home early one morning and charged with embezzlement, illegal confiscation, and overpricing in million-dollar transactions that harmed national interests. Anti-Chavistas had long suspected Ramírez of corruption, and the ruling party finally moved against him.


Nelson Martínez succeeded Del Pino and was arrested for corruption the next year at a time when massive protests rocked the country due to hyperinflation and widespread food shortages. Martínez died in prison later that year from a chronic heart condition aggravated by his arrest and imprisonment. His family said he had been detained without trial for a year.


Manuel Quevedo and Asdrúbal Chávez led PDVSA without any public scandals. However, they oversaw a company crippled by international sanctions, deteriorating infrastructure, and an exodus of skilled workers. PDVSA was severely undercapitalized due to the Maduro administration’s refusal to abandon a pegged exchange rate, causing Venezuela’s oil production to plummet from 2.5 million to 400,000 barrels per day. Then, oil minister El Aissami suddenly resigned in 2023 amid an anti-corruption crackdown. He was later implicated in a PDVSA scheme involving illegal cryptocurrency transactions that bled $21 billion from the company. After a brief pause in oil sanctions, the United States intends to reimpose restrictions on international sales if Maduro fails to promise free and fair elections on July 28.


The new PDVSA emerged 22 years ago on April 11, 2002 after widespread civil unrest briefly ousted Hugo Chávez from power. Chávez had sought to make PDVSA his main source of financing for politically motivated projects and replaced oil experts with political allies who had little or no experience in the industry. It was the first time PDVSA was embroiled in a public, political storm. Just before the attempted coup, a furious Chávez (wearing a helmet and blowing a whistle) commandeered the airwaves and publicly fired all the PDVSA executives.


Chávez and his supporters argued that PDVSA might be doing well, but the country was not. The government aimed to use the country’s golden goose to fund social investments, a move resisted by PDVSA management. Chávez devised a plan to take down PDVSA’s top executives, mocking them as a “meritocracy” and accusing them of inflating production costs, excessive compensation, favoring multinational companies, and being part of a privileged elite in a society with many unmet needs.


Founded by President Carlos Andrés Pérez in 1976, PDVSA emerged from the country’s oil nationalization process. It stood as a significant achievement for a democratic Venezuela, operating as an independent state-owned company for decades. It steered clear of politics and was mostly untainted by corruption. PDVSA’s professionalism and managerial acumen were a source of national pride, and its first president, Rafael Alfonzo Ravard, is held up as a role model in public administration.


The PDVSA management was so highly esteemed in 2002 that many believed Hugo Chávez wouldn’t challenge the company. It wielded significant influence over the national economy as a major international exporter of oil, gas and fuel. During the oil strike (December 2002-March 2003) orchestrated by opposition groups to oust Chávez, the wily leader outmaneuvered a PDVSA management team led by Juan Fernández. This win strengthened Chávez’s grip on state-owned businesses, later backed by the Armed Forces in 2004. Chávez fired thousands of workers and reshaped PDVSA into a populist energy company that would serve the revolution.


“To me, PDVSA’s decline is linked to the huge drop in oil and gas production, and the turning point was 2005,” said Rafael Quiróz, an oil economist and professor at the Central University of Venezuela. That’s when the production fell below three million barrels per day, never to recover.


Quiróz blames government mismanagement for destroying the country’s oil business. “By merging the roles of PDVSA president with the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, the company was burdened with non-industry tasks like housing construction, food imports and goods distribution — all potential sources of corruption. It was now forced to serve a political agenda, revolutionary or not.” This inevitably led to a steady capital drain and corruption, says Quiróz.


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Pfizer ‘CHOSE NOT TO’ Tell Regulators About SV40 Sequence in COVID Shots – Health Canada Official (substack.com)

By Noé Chartier and Matthew Horwood April 23, 2024

A senior Health Canada official says pharma giant Pfizer made a conscious decision to not advise regulators that its mRNA COVID-19 vaccine contained a DNA sequence from the Simian Virus 40 (SV40).


This information appears among multiple emails between staff from key drug regulators, including Health Canada (HC), the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), and the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The information was obtained through an access-to-information request.


On Aug. 23, 2023, Dr. Dean Smith, a senior scientific evaluator in HC’s Vaccine Quality Division, wrote an email to a colleague at the FDA about SV40.


Health Canada had obtained confirmation two weeks earlier from Pfizer that SV40 DNA sequences were present in its COVID-19 vaccine.


“I understand that there have been internal discussions at CBER [Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research] regarding the presents [sic] of an SV40 enhancer/promoter sequence, noting that its presence is unrelated to the purpose of the Pfizer’s plasmid as a transcription template for their mRNA COVID-19 vaccine,” wrote Dr. Smith.

CBER(生物製剤評価研究センター)の内部で、SV40エンハンサー/プロモーター配列の提示について議論があったと理解しています、このプラスミドの存在は、ファイザー社のmRNA COVID-19ワクチンの転写鋳型としてのプラスミドの目的とは無関係である。

“Pfizer has communicated to us recently, that they apparently chose not to mention this information to EMA, FDA or HC at the time of their initial or subsequent submissions.”


Dr. Smith added the information had been independently made public in April 2023, via a pre-print study from U.S. scientist Kevin McKernan.


Mr. McKernan, a genomics expert, had found quantities of DNA in the mRNA shots above the regulatory threshold set out by the health agencies. Dr. Smith wrote that the study had resulted in “questions coming to agencies.”

ゲノミクスの専門家であるマッカーナン氏は、mRNAショットに保健機関が定めた規制基準値を超える量のDNAを発見した。スミス博士は、この研究によって 「各機関から疑問の声が上がっている 」と書いている。

The Epoch Times had contacted HC on the matter on July 17. The first email related to SV40 within Health Canada released in the access-to-information package was sent two days later, on July 19.


In that email, Dr. Tong Wu of HC’s Vaccine Quality Division reached out to his colleague Dr. Michael Wall, a senior biologist evaluator.


“Co [Pham, executive director of HC’s Centre for Vaccines, Clinical Trials and Biostatistics] agreed to have an IAS for the SV40 promoter sequence as we discussed today. We can talk about it tomorrow,” Dr. Wu wrote. “IAS” could be a reference to an Issue Analysis Summary to evaluate a new regulatory affair.

「コ(ファムHCワクチン・臨床試験・生物統計センター長)は、今日話し合ったように、SV40プロモーター配列のIASを持つことに同意した。それについては明日話そう」とウー博士は書いた。IAS 「とは、新しい規制事項を評価するための 」Issue Analysis Summary "のことであろう。

As first reported by The Epoch Times in October, Health Canada was not aware of the SV40 enhancer presence. Since then, the FDA and the EMA have both confirmed they also weren’t aware of its presence.


Health Canada has since maintained that the SV40 enhancer/promoter sequence is a “residual DNA fragment” in Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. “The fragment is inactive, has no functional role, and was measured to be consistently below the limit required by Health Canada and other international regulators,” the agency has repeatedly said.

それ以来カナダ保健省は、SV40エンハンサー/プロモーター配列はファイザー・バイオNTech社のCOVID-19ワクチンに含まれる 「残存DNA断片 」であると主張してきた。「この断片は不活性で、機能的な役割を持たず、カナダ保健省および他の国際規制当局が要求する限界値を一貫して下回っていることが測定された」とカナダ保健省は繰り返し述べている。

‘ZERO Checks’


This view has been challenged by Mr. McKernan and others, including Dr. Philip Buckhaults, professor of cancer genomics and director of the Cancer Genetics Lab at the University of South Carolina.


In response to the information released by Health Canada, Mr. McKernan posted a thread on the X platform. “No prior vaccine in Canada has been approved with such a sequence contaminant,” he said.


“Pfizer assured [HC] the sequence is not material to plasmid manufacturing,” he added. “This is an overt lie. You cannot make plasmids without the promoter for the antibiotic resistance gene. It is active in mammalian cells. If it’s not needed, why is it in there?”


Mr. McKernan also noted how HC has asked Pfizer for its Polymerase Chain Reaction (PRC) protocol, saying this means “they have performed ZERO checks on this DNA contamination themselves and are entirely relying on the word of the manufacturer.”

マッカーナン氏はまた、HCがファイザー社にポリメラーゼ連鎖反応(PRC)のプロトコルを要求したことを指摘し、これは 「彼らはこのDNA汚染について自分たちでゼロ・チェックを行い、完全にメーカーの言葉に頼っている 」ことを意味すると述べた。

A response to a Canadian Member of Parliament’s question tabled in the House of Commons by Health Canada appears to be line with this observation. “It is important to assess the results using the authorized validated assays performed by the vaccine manufacturers to ensure that the quality of commercial vaccine lots are comparable to lots shown to be safe and efficacious in clinical studies,” said Health Canada in December.


Concerns related to the presence of unintended DNA in the mRNA shots pertain to their potential to integrate into the human genome and cause issues like cancer. The Florida State Surgeon General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo has called for a halt of mRNA shots over these risks.


Health Canada said in March in a document tabled in Parliament that “any claims that the presence of the SV40 promoter enhancer sequence is linked to an increased risk of cancer are unfounded.”


Dr. Buckhaults has started a scientific study to ascertain those integration risks. On April 23, he wrote on X that he had confirmed previous findings that the amount of DNA in mRNA shots exceeds the limit set by regulators.


“Yes, there was more than 10 ng/dose. I am sure of it now,” he wrote while posting his methodology. This is the same threshold applied by Health Canada.


Even if the amount of DNA was below, there are still concerns the threshold was set for regular vaccines and not the new technology using lipid nano particles (LNP).


Dr. Buckhaults wrote that the “10 ng limit is not appropriate for LNP encapsulated DNA,” adding that “as far as I know there have been no safety studies for this situation. It was not possible because of the abbreviated timeline during the emergency you saw authorization.”


Seeking ‘Remedy’


In his August 23 email to the FDA employee, Dr. Smith said HC Canada did not view the SV40 issues as an “urgent risk topic.” However, the official responsible for evaluating the safety of vaccines expressed concerns about how news of the SV40 could impact the upcoming fall 2023 vaccination campaign.

スミス博士は823日にFDA職員に送ったメールの中で、HCカナダはSV40問題を 「緊急のリスクトピック 」とは見ていないと述べた。しかし、ワクチンの安全性評価を担当する職員は、SV40のニュースが来る2023年秋のワクチン接種キャンペーンにどのような影響を与えるかについて懸念を表明した。

“It would be unfortunate if the information circulating had a negatively [sic] impact on public acceptance of the vaccine this year or in the future,” he said.


Despite being of this view, Dr. Smith said regulating agencies should work to encourage Pfizer to “remedy the situation” before the campaign.


In the email, Dr. Smith said HC believed the upcoming rollout of the fall COVID-19 vaccine campaign meant the agencies should be “on the same page.”

メールの中でスミス博士は、HCは秋のCOVID-19ワクチンキャンペーンの展開が近づいていることから、両機関は 「同じ見解 」になるべきだと考えていると述べた。

Mr. Smith’s email was written a day after Pfizer provided a response to a Quality Clarifax submitted by HC around the SV40 promoter. If deficiencies are identified in Clinical Trial Applications, HC may request additional information, which is known as a Clarifax.


On August 29, HC senior biologist Dr. Wall wrote an email to senior evaluator Dr. Tong Wu, where he said he and Mr. Smith agreed they should not inform Pfizer of their interaction with the EMA and U.S. FDA on the SV40 promoter, “especially they [sic] do not seem to care much at this moment.”


“However, we can not say nothing! Please see the following text that Julie and I worked out,” Mr. Wall added, before providing a draft comment to Pfizer’s response that was blacked out.


The same day, Dr. Wall also sent an email to Dr. Wu with a draft of the Clarifax questions to be sent to Pfizer, which included the statement, “Health Canada would continue to work with international regulatory partners to achieve harmonisation regarding removal of these sequence elements from the plasmid for future strain changes.”

また同日、ウォール博士はファイザー社に送るべきクラリファックスの質問原稿をウー博士に電子メールで送ったが、その中には、「カナダ保健省は、将来の菌株変更のためにプラスミドからこれらの配列要素を除去することに関する調和を達成するために、国際的な規制当局のパートナーと引き続き協力する 」という文言が含まれていた。

Pfizer did not respond to a request for comment from The Epoch Times

ファイザー社はThe Epoch Timesのコメント要請に応じなかった。

Commenting on DNA contamination, Health Canada reiterated its previous position on the matter.


“Based on its evaluation of the data and scientific information for the vaccine, Health Canada has concluded that the risk/benefit profile continues to support the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine,” said spokesperson Anna Maddison.


Dr. David Speicher, a Canadian virologist who replicated the findings from Mr. McKernan and Dr. Buckhaults with Canadian mRNA vials, told The Epoch Times he’s preoccupied about what’s been revealed in the internal Health Canada emails. He notes that while Health Canada has dismissed the DNA fragments as biologically inactive with no functional role, they judged worthy to hold discussions with other regulators.


“We know from testing several vials that the level of SV40 enhancer-promoter in the XBB.1.5 booster is at similar levels as the others Pfizer COVID modRNA vaccines, making it just as problematic,” he says. “Pfizer has not cleaned up the vaccine, yet the regulators are sadly more concerned about vaccine uptake in the population rather than the health risks from these vaccines.”

XBB.1.5ブースターに含まれるSV40エンハンサー・プロモーターのレベルは、他のファイザー社製COVID modRNAワクチンと同レベルであり、同様に問題があります。「ファイザー社はワクチンをクリーンアップしていません。しかし、規制当局は悲しいことに、これらのワクチンによる健康リスクよりも、住民のワクチン摂取を心配しているのです。

Global Censorship Capability Running Out of British East Indian Ocean Restricted-access U.S. Navy Island of Diego, Garcia – Patriots for Truth (patriots4truth.org)



Global Censorship Capability Running Out of British East Indian Ocean Restricted-access U.S. Navy Island of Diego, Garcia


British Crown-controlled SERCO GROUP PLC (Sir Roy Alan Gardner, Baroness Margaret Anne Ford, Sir Rupert Soames [Churchill], Sir John Stainton Whitehead) has the exclusive contract to manage Diego Garcia satellite and Internet domain system electronics for the U.S. Navy.

英国王室傘下のSERCO GROUP PLC(ロイ・アラン・ガードナー卿、マーガレット・アン・フォード男爵夫人、ルパート・ソームズ卿[チャーチル]、ジョン・ステイントン・ホワイトヘッド卿)は、米海軍のディエゴ・ガルシア衛星とインターネット・ドメイン・システムの電子機器の管理を独占的に請け負っている。

Apr. 15, 2024—ipinfo.io is hosted on the British East Indian island of Diego Garcia.


The company byline is “The trusted source for IP address data – Accurate IP address data that keeps pace with secure, specific, and forward-looking use cases. It includes IP Address Lookup and Geolocation. (Remember, the opposite is the truth,)

この会社のキャッチフレーズは、「IPアドレスデータの信頼できる情報源 - セキュアで、具体的で、将来を見据えたユースケースに対応する正確なIPアドレスデータ」です。これにはIPアドレス検索とジオロケーションが含まれます。(その逆が真実であることを覚えておいてください)。



The company boasts a Who’s Who of big box tech known to be conspiring with British, American, Chinese intelligence and banking, including Vodafone, Fidelity, Accenture, Ebay, Tencent (PRC), Prudential, SAP, CBS, Dell, Xerox, Cloudera, Nike, TransferGo.


On paper, the company was founded by a “former” Facebook engineer Ben Dowling (read: cardboard cutout).

書類上、同社は 「元 」フェイスブックのエンジニア、ベン・ダウリングによって設立された。(読み:ダンボールの切り抜き)



Dowling started his career during the 2008 banking scandal at ROKE MANOR RESEARCH, SIEMENS (UK) research and development in communications, networks, electronic sensors, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science.

ダウリングは2008年の銀行スキャンダルの際、SIEMENS(英国)のROKE MANOR RESEARCHで通信、ネットワーク、電子センサー、人工知能、機械学習、データサイエンスの研究開発に携わり、キャリアをスタートさせた。

ROKE is interlocked with General Electric Company, Plessey, Siemens AG  (Germany), and Chemring Group PLC (UK)


Chemring Group is interlocked with Sir William Barlow, Thorn EMI, Royal Mail, Royal Telephones [now British Telecom], Vodafone, Ericsson UK, SKF UK). Chemring is owned by Invesco, BlackRock (Vanguard, Facebook, Google), JO Hambro (British MI6), Threadneedle Asset Management Ltd. (THE CITY OF LONDON, Ameriprise Financial, Inc., American Express), Juniper, Royal London Asset Management (parent: Royal London Group, Royal London Asset Management Holdings Limited, parent: RLMIS-Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited, parent: The Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited).

ケムリング・グループは、ウィリアム・バーロウ卿、ソーンEMI、ロイヤル・メール、ロイヤル・テレフォン[現ブリティッシュ・テレコム]、ボーダフォン、エリクソンUKSKF UK)と連動している。ケムリングは、インベスコ、ブラックロック(バンガード、フェイスブック、グーグル)、JO・ハンブロ(英MI6)、スレッドニードル・アセット・マネジメント・リミテッド(英ロンドン市)が所有している。(シティ・オブ・ロンドン、アメリプライズ・フィナンシャル、アメリカン・エキスプレス)、ジュニパー、ロイヤルロンドン・アセット・マネジメント(親会社: ロイヤル・ロンドン・グループ、ロイヤル・ロンドン・アセット・マネジメント・ホールディングス・リミテッド、親会社: RLMIS-Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited、親会社:The Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited)。

Auditor PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) is the uniform auditor of most of these Royal London companies. PWC is also the auditor of Prince’s Trust International directed by Kamala Harris handler Sir Nigel Knowles, founder of DLA Piper (HTML).


British Pilgrims Society-controlled shills SMOTHER AMERICAN DNS SYSTEM


This analysis shows that the American Internet system of domain names and numbers is controlled by British aristocrats in the UK. In America, the DNS system is operated by British Pilgrims Society—controlled shills.


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I did not expect to see KPMG along with BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street. 

KPMG = Kaiser Permanente Medical Group - no wonder why the world sucks. 

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Remember HIPAA? It all leads to data mining – big $$

VA hospitals have been selling veterans medical information in the open market for big $$.

The psychopaths always do the opposite of what they say.

HIPAAを覚えていますか?すべてはデータマイニングにつながる - 大金





The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA or the KennedyKassebaum Act[1][2]) is a United States Act of Congress enacted by the 104th United States Congress and signed into law by President Bill Clinton on August 21, 1996.[3] It aimed to alter the transfer of healthcare information, stipulated the guidelines by which personally identifiable information maintained by the healthcare and healthcare insurance industries should be protected from fraud and theft,[4] and addressed some limitations on healthcare insurance coverage. It generally prohibits healthcare providers and businesses called covered entities from disclosing protected information to anyone other than a patient and the patient's authorized representatives without their consent. The bill does not restrict patients from receiving information about themselves (with limited exceptions).[5] Furthermore, it does not prohibit patients from voluntarily sharing their health information however they choose, nor does it require confidentiality where a patient discloses medical information to family members, friends or other individuals not employees of a covered entity.


1996年医療保険の相互運用性と説明責任に関する法律(Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996、略称HIPAAまたはケネディ・カセバム法[1][2])は、第104回米国議会で制定され、1996821日にビル・クリントン大統領が署名した米国議会法である[3]。医療情報の転送を変更することを目的とし、医療および医療保険業界が保持する個人を特定できる情報を詐欺や盗難から保護するためのガイドラインを規定し[4]、医療保険の適用に関するいくつかの制限に対処している。同法案では、医療提供者や適用事業者と呼ばれる企業が、患者および患者の委任を受けた代理人以外の者に、本人の同意なしに保護された情報を開示することを一般的に禁止している。さらに、患者が自発的に選択した方法で自分の健康情報を共有することを禁止するものではなく、患者が家族、友人、その他対象事業体の従業員以外の個人に医療情報を開示する場合に守秘義務を課すものでもない[5]


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https://nationalpost.com/opinion/the-nadir-of-our-once-great-natio n">The nadir of our once great nation | National Post (archive.is)

Conrad Black: The nadir of our once great nation

We are, for the first time, in danger of losing our status as a prosperous and successful country




https://nationalpost.com/author/cblacknp /" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Conrad Black

Published Apr 20, 2024 


It was my privilege last week to meet with a western Canadian group of public-spirited and accomplished individuals who are so concerned by what they see as the general decline of Canada, they believe that a radical change of policy direction is all that will prevent us from becoming a failed state. It was a spirited session, replete with entertaining, if somewhat bibulous but friendly interruptions. In preparation, I had done some updated research and concluded that their concerns were more justified than I had thought even a few months ago, when I last wrote about this subject in this column.


Article content

Among the principal points that have arisen are that the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) now predicts that Canada will be the poorest performing advanced economy in the world until 2060, if it continues on its present path. Under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s watch, Canada’s per capita average incomes increased by three per cent, from $54,154 in 2016 to $55,863 in 2022, while that of the United States rose by 12 per cent, from $65,792 to $73,565; for a family of four, that is a substantial differential that puts the average American family in a distinctly higher income category than their Canadian analogue. In approximately the same period, cash generated in Canada and invested outside Canada exceeded incoming investments in this country by about $285 billion. From the onset of COVID in February 2020 until June 2023, the number of private-sector jobs in Canada increased by 3.3 per cent, while public-sector jobs rose 11.8 per cent, and public-sector employees are paid 31 per cent more on average than those in the private sector.


Canada now has 4.1-million public-sector employees, more than 10 per cent of our entire population. If the United States had an equivalent number of government employees, they would total about 33.5-million people. The actual number is around 23 million. Canada’s public sector is not markedly more comprehensive or superior to that of the United States in the service it provides to the people it serves. This is a straight case of administrative incompetence. We should have a million fewer jobs on the public payrolls and rebate the money spent on their salaries to the taxpayers.


We are chronically overtaxed: 45 per cent of the average family’s income is paid in tax, costing an average of over $48,000 a year — by far the largest household expense. The tax increases in the latest budget will only aggravate these problems. We are not only overtaxed and underpaid, the principal costs have been grossly mismanaged. Last year, we admitted around 500,000 immigrants, many of which are in a desperate housing scramble. Notwithstanding that the average American makes more than the average Canadian, the average housing unit in Canada is approximately 40 per cent more expensive than in the United States.


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As of 2021, according to Fraser Institute numbers, money invested per employed person in Canada trails the corresponding U.S. figure by 58 per cent, a gap that has been steadily widening over the years. It is not just the United States with whom we are failing to compete. Cramped little countries with almost no natural resources like Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland have surpassed us in terms of per capita income. If the present trajectory continues, we could soon be passed by South Korea, which was a rubble heap with no industry at the end of the Korean War in 1953, and Israel, which has constantly been at war for its entire history and was a poor and primitive desert at its founding in 1948.


Our uncompetitiveness cuts across almost every field. Health care, once one of the hallmarks of Canada’s status as a country distinctive from, and more caring than, the United States, is a shambles. In 30 years, waiting lists have increased from nine weeks to 28 weeks. Of 30 countries with universal health care, Canada’s system is the most expensive as a percentage of GDP, has the longest waiting periods, ranks 28th in doctors, 23rd in available beds and 24th and 25th in number of MRIs and CT scanners. It is a disaster that has now stooped to promoting the virtues of suicide through the medical assistance in dying program. It is the purpose of health-care regimes to prolong life, not shorten it.


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Throughout its history, it has been the vision and national ambition of Canada to be a superior country: prosperous, just and sensibly self-governing, but not complacent. Many have lamented that we did not receive more attention in the world and didn’t cut a more glamorous figure among the nations of the world. But Canadians have always, and rightfully, been proud of being a successful country. We are, for the first time, in danger of losing that status; if the trends of the last decade continue, this treasure house of a nation — with a skilled, law-abiding and diligent population, with two of the world’s most distinguished cultures as its official languages — will indeed be in danger of becoming a failed state.


These material shortcomings are aggravated by deficits in public policy. For more than eight years, we’ve been thoroughly distracted by a rigid, mindless preoccupation with environmental nostrums, a wildly exaggerated and self-defamatory assault on our history mislabelled as “reconciliation” with Indigenous peoples and an absurd preoccupation with gender issues that has made us a laughing-stock in the world for carrying wokeness to the point of imbecility.


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Between 1995 and 2022, fossil fuel use in Canada has increased nearly 59 per cent, and even if we stopped emitting carbon entirely, global emissions would only be reduced by a paltry 1.5 per cent. We have been duped into being ashamed of our resources, making war on our principal industry (oil and gas) and artificially straining the financial condition of a great many of our countrymen needlessly, all in the name of crusading to save the planet. The gender issue is completely bogus: there are two sexes and every adult person has the complete freedom to work out his or her own sexuality, without coercion or invasion of privacy. Agitation for mandatory modification of language according to transitory gender self-identification, like premature sex-change operations, is nonsense.


We have also debilitated ourselves morally, in our own eyes and in the eyes of the world, by promoting the outrageous blood libel that this country ever engaged in any form of genocide or slavery. Slavery was effectively illegal in Canada 40 years before it was abolished in the British Empire. The nadir of this exercise in self-humiliation was the story of murdered Indigenous children in unmarked graves in Kamloops, B.C., for which Canadian flags throughout the world were lowered for months, and of which no concrete proof of the existence of such graves has been produced.


We appear also to have acquiesced in the practical abolition of the principal language of the country in Quebec, were about 22 per cent of Canadians live. All the federal parties tacitly supported this. We are starting to disintegrate.


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For us in Russia Communism is a dead dog. For many people in the West, it is still a living lion.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

「ロシアの我々にとって共産主義は死んだ犬だ。西側の多くの人々にとっては、共産主義はまだ生きているライオンである。" アレクサンドル・ソルジェニーツィン

Communism and socialism are seductive. They promise us that people will contribute according to ability and receive according to needs. Everybody is equal. Everybody has a right to decent housing, decent food, and affordable medical care. History should have taught us that when we hear people talk this stuff, watch out!” Walter E. Williams


“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened." Norman Thomas

「アメリカ国民は、社会主義を意図的に採用することはないだろう。しかし、"自由主義 "の名の下に、社会主義プログラムのあらゆる断片を採用し、いつの日かアメリカは社会主義国家となる。ノーマン・トーマス

Communism is the opiate of the intellectuals -With no cure except as a guillotine might be called a cure for dandruff.” Clare Boothe Luce

"共産主義は知識人のアヘンである-ギロチンがフケの特効薬と呼ばれるように、特効薬はない" クレア・ブース・ルース

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Communism disguised in socialism has such appeal and grip on people in and from Europe who have lived beyond their means through colonialism. Latin Americans have been indoctrinated by Catholicism not to be self-reliant. Just my observations. I believe that Japan has no other way to survive than to rely on its own strength.


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Israel Doesn't Even Try To Hide Its Genocide On The Palestinians | Ambassador Chas Freeman (youtube.com) [27:41 minute video]


The Neocon's Biggest Defeat Since Vietnam And There Is Nothing They Can Do | Ambassador Chas Freeman (youtube.com) [20:30 minute video]


Xi Jinping Shows The West How To Do Good Diplomacy | Ambassador Chas Freeman (youtube.com) [13:10 minute video]


Chas W. Freeman, Jr. – American diplomat, businessman, and writer. (chasfreeman.net)



Chas Freeman chairs Projects International, Inc.  For more than four decades, Projects International has helped its partner enterprises and clients to create business ventures across borders.  It facilitates their establishment of new businesses through the design,  negotiation, capitalization, and implementation of greenfield investments, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, franchises, one-off transactions, sales and agencies in other countries.  The firm operates on five continents.

Ambassador Freeman is a career diplomat (retired) who was Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs from 1993-94, earning the highest public service awards of the Department of Defense for his roles in designing a NATO-centered post-Cold War European security system and in reestablishing defense and military relations with China. He served as U. S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia (during operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm). He was Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs during the historic U.S. mediation of Namibian independence from South Africa and Cuban troop withdrawal from Angola.

Ambassador Freeman worked as Deputy Chief of Mission and Chargé d’Affaires in the American embassies at both Bangkok (1984-1986) and Beijing (1981-1984). He was Director for Chinese Affairs at the U.S. Department of State from 1979-1981. He was the principal American interpreter during the late President Nixon’s path-breaking visit to China in 1972. In addition to his Middle Eastern, African, East Asian and European diplomatic experience, he had a tour of duty in India.


チャス・フリーマンがプロジェクツ・インターナショナルの会長を務める。 プロジェクツ・インターナショナルは40年以上にわたり、パートナー企業やクライアントの国境を越えたビジネス創出を支援してきた。 グリーンフィールド投資、M&A、ジョイント・ベンチャー、フランチャイズ、単発取引、他国での販売・代理店の設計、交渉、資金調達、実行を通じて、新規事業の立ち上げを支援している。 当社は5大陸で事業を展開している。




I was reading some of his essays @ chasfreeman.net and saw the term “antisemitic” being used in his writings. With all due respect to Ambassador Freeman, it is a misnomer to use “antisemitic” to refer to the sentiment against the Israelis, for the people who were settled in Israel post WWII were not ethnic Jews. The majority in Israel are Ashkenazi “Jews” who originated in Khazar, not in the Middle East. It is as erroneous as saying Ukrainians are Semites. The Semitic Jews in Israel have been treated as the second class citizens in Israel, and they are the minorities. There are also Semitic Jews, the real descendants of Abraham, Issac and Jacob among the Palestinians along with the Arabs according to Yasser Arafat. I have stated before in this forum that the Biblical Covenant applies to the ethnic Jews and not the religious Jews, so those who practice Judaism are advised to take DNA tests since the Israelis are dictating the US politics to impose their misguided self importance to the rest of the world. My intent is to iron out the deceptive history being taught in the world if out end goal is to establish peace.



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Jewish Americans show their DNA results. We’re not Jews? WHAT? (youtube.com) [11:17 minute video]


Jesus said “truth shall set you free”. The group of people who needs to be set free the most are those who were indoctrinated to belive something they were not so that they will have no reason to impose themselves on others especially those who are the real ethnic Jews.




clif on X: "Well, so it is all starting to come together to meet the projections of the ALTA reports. We have the ELohim worship cult destroying food production across the northern hemisphere, and thus we now have the support for the 'food riots' projected to hit in a 'late summer period'…" / X (twitter.com)


Well, so it is all starting to come together to meet the projections of the ALTA reports.




We have the ELohim worship cult destroying food production across the northern hemisphere, and thus we now have the support for the 'food riots' projected to hit in a 'late summer period' of great chaos in the world. We have the 'students' and their commie handlers fomenting chaos and mass violence just almost on cue.




These 'food riots' were coincident with the production of documents from federal repositories that were 'long hidden', and 'obscure' though 'known by rumors'...in other words, docs about gov't conspiracies. The data sets were quite explicit in connecting long stored, and denied, data about 'space aliens', including 'invasion', and 'lunar operations' with this release which would be temporally coincident with 'food riots', 'political degradation', and 'mass social movements (Great Awakening)'.



In those data sets, there were repeated references to 'Greater Dog', and 'Kyon' (means 'dog' in Greek), and many other references to the 'rising of Sirius' *(a July event). The "dog star" rises coincident with rising temps in Summer, thus the 'dog days' of Summer.




This data, going back to when the sets first formed in 1997, has been remarkably prescient over these decades. In point of fact, i have had one of the world's greatest financial minds (arguably) note that my ALTA reports created 'more millionaires' than any other investment advice vehicle in history by guiding people into BTC et al at the appropriate time.




It is my expectation that these data sets will maintain their predictive accuracy as we go forward these next few years. So far 2024 is shaping up to be that year in which the 'food riots', 'space aliens', 'broken bones Fed' Reserve, and 'limp dick govt' all come together for a pretty interesting Summer and Fall.




Those long ago, and far away, data sets were very replete with data around the idea that the people who had the most difficult mental adjustment were the 'zionist christians' in the 'large box churches'. The data sets all through the 2000s kept building with supporting sub sets about the 'rending/tearing/shredding' of the minds of the 'OT christians'. It is this very large group in the USA having a 'coming to Jesus' moment about the ELohim in the Old Testament /Torah that provides the emotional turmoil, as well as the 'demanding minds' for a giant 'global revival' in Christian thought and practice. Note that this is against the WEF/Catholic/pedo proffered 'christian consciousness reformation'.


遠い昔のデータセットには、精神的な適応が最も困難なのは、"大きな箱の教会 "にいる "シオニスト・クリスチャン "であるという考え方のデータが非常に豊富に含まれていた。2000年代を通して、データセットは、「OTクリスチャン」の心の「引き裂き/引き裂かれ/引き裂かれ」を裏付けるサブセットとともに構築され続けた。旧約聖書/トーラーにあるエロヒムについて『イエスに立ち返る』瞬間を迎えているアメリカのこの非常に大きなグループが、感情的な混乱と、キリスト教の思想と実践における巨大な『世界的リバイバル』のための『要求する心』を提供しているのである。これは、WEF/カソリック/ペドが提唱する「キリスト教的意識」に反するものであることに注意されたい。

Fun fun fun in the Sun Sun Sun .

11:49 AM · May 2, 2024




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Ben Shapiro on Tucker Carlson: He Thinks If You Don’t Believe Him, You’re Part of the Conspiracy - Barrett News Media

Ben Shapiro on Tucker Carlson: He Thinks If You Don’t Believe Him, You’re Part of the Conspiracy



“The only man of courage in this routine is apparently this truth-seeker Tucker, who apparently only asks questions but doesn’t actually examine the evidence on these particular issues.”

"このルーティンの中で唯一の勇気ある人物は、どうやらこの真実を追求するタッカーであるようだ。" "彼はどうやら質問をするだけで、この特別な問題についての証拠を実際に検証することはないようだ。"

Tucker Carlson was a guest on the most recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, with the discussion sometimes bordering on absurdity. Talk about aliens, 9/11 conspiracies, and more permeated the conversation. Ben Shapiro has now taken aim at Carlson for his viewpoints.


On Monday’s episode of The Ben Shapiro Show, The Daily Wire co-founder argued Carlson isn’t the thought leader he believes himself to be after he claimed the United States was “evil” for dropping atomic bombs on Japan at the conclusion of World War II. He added that anyone who would defend the use of nuclear weapons is, by association, evil as well.

The Daily Wireの共同設立者であるカールソンは、月曜日のThe Ben Shapiro Showのエピソードで、第二次世界大戦終結時に日本に原爆を投下したアメリカは「悪」であると主張したカールソンは、自分が信じているような思想的リーダーではないと主張した。さらに、核兵器の使用を擁護する人は、連想上、悪であると付け加えた。

“This particular interview included a lot of conspiratorial thinking,” Shapiro noted.


“When Tucker talks, there’s a grain of truth to what Tucker says … but there’s a difference between healthy skepticism, the demand for evidence — that’s what skepticism is. Being a critical thinker is just a demand for evidence. That is not the same thing as ‘just asking questions.’ … ‘Just asking questions’ doesn’t make you a critical thinker,” Shapiro said during his criticism of the former Fox News host.


Ben Shapiro argued that Carlson’s recent conspiratorial turn makes him “the only person you can trust” when hearing the topic of discussion for the first time.


“According to Tucker, you have to believe Tucker, and if you don’t, it’s probably because you’re part of the conspiracy or cover-up. Because you’re ‘owned.’ Because you’ve become the ‘establishment’, because you’re weak, and you can be ‘taken over’ by nefarious forces. The only man of courage in this routine is apparently this truth-seeker Tucker, who apparently only asks questions but doesn’t actually examine the evidence on these particular issues. Because why do you need to know things when you can just ask questions?”


The Daily Wire co-founder concluded by stating that there once was a person who would “set fire” to such a narrative being presented in mainstream media. He argued that that person’s name is Tucker Carlson.


Based on my research on the matter of the atomic bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the US Military Intelligence had foreknowledge of the 40% Japanese consisted of Sephardic Jews, the descendants of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, and this makes the bombings “ethnic cleansing”. There was no justification for the genocide and human experiment since the decision was made by FDR and Harry Truman, both of whom were Ashkenazi “Jew” or Khazarian. The narrative stating “the nuclear attacks were necessary to end the war” is false because the US military knew when Japan was going to surrender. Pearl Harbor was a psychological operation to start the war the US, UK and Europe needed to improve their economy.


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List of Jewish American businesspeople - Wikipedia


The list depicts the world we live in.



The following is the list for - Pharmaceuticals and healthcare, just one section in the entire list.

Their junk science makes sense only to them not for the rest of the world, but do you think they care?





Arie S. Belldegrun (1949–), Israeli-American (co-)founder of Kite Pharma and biotechnology companies AgensysAllogene Therapeutics[65]


The US has to die in order for the power abuse by the Ashkenazi “Jews” (or Khazarian Mafia) to end.

アシュケナージ系 「ユダヤ人」(あるいはハザリアンマフィア)による権力の乱用を終わらせるためには、アメリカは滅びなければならない。


Jewish Americans show their DNA results. We’re not Jews? WHAT? (youtube.com) [11:17 minute video]


This is the third time I post the above video, and he said the DNA tests is illegal in Isra-HELL. Do you know why that is? Because it exposes the lies about the Holocaust and Ashkenazi “Jews” (who are just another gentile according to the Bible).



UC Berkeley student stages Palestine protest at law school dean’s home | News | Independent TV


Friday 12 April 2024 10:34 BST

UC Berkeley student stages pro-Palestine protest at law school dean’s home


Pro-Palestine students at the University of California, Berkeley, interrupted a private dinner to protest against the professor who had invited them.

Erwin Chemerinsky, the dean of Berkeley Law School and his wife, professor Catherine Fisk, were hosting their annual celebration for graduating students at their home when the protest broke out.

Footage shows a student, identified as Malak Afaneh, being challenged by the couple.

“You are guests in our house,” a voice can be heard saying in the background of the video.

The incident follows months of disputes between pro-Palestinian and Jewish students.

“I am appalled and deeply disturbed by what occurred at Dean Chemerinsky’s home last night,” UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ said in a statement.

“While our support for free speech is unwavering, we cannot condone using a social occasion at a person’s private residence as a platform for protest.”










Eye for eye works. Take a look at the pathetic Ashkenazi bitch. May the UC system all go to hell along with the State of California!

目には目を。哀れなアシュケナージ 雌犬を見よ。カリフォルニア大学とカリフォルニア州が地獄に落ちますように!

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