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Chris Marcus brought Tom Lounge as premier guest as if to appear legitimate. Very sneaky move just like bringing Lanci right after Rafi Farber who said silver will go to $60,000 per ounce just because his Rabbi said so. Most Mexicans are Catholic, and whiter their skin, sneakier they get. I also noticed Craig Hemke promoting APMEX precious metal sale, not JM Bullion, as MACD death cross was taking shape indicating price correction was coming. I don't know his religion, but his brother is a Catholic monk, snake worshiping Catholic monk. I don't mention everything that I notice, but I do pick up on things that let me know what they are all about. When Craig Hemke pushes precious metal sales, the wise move to make is to sell your holding. When the price consolidates, you buy it back up. Now watch Liberty and Finance will feature Craig Hemke in the next few days. I used to watch their channel, but I do not waste my time listening to peddlers who have something to sell. 

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BTW Craig Hemke is a JM Bullion affiliate, not APMEX, although it is possible JM buys their metals from APMEX.


What Is MACD? (investopedia.com)


The moving average convergence/divergence indicator helps investors identify price trends

I find MACD to be one of the best trend indicators, but nothing works 100%.

So what if you bought too high or sold too low?

Learn from your own mistakes to be better and continue the learning through your own mistakes. This is how one becomes self-reliant.

Nobody knows what you think they do, especially in Catholic church; they are just pretending.

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For Japanese readers:

I posted some articles in page 364 with Japanese translation.

If you see my comments only in English without the translations, it means the subject matters are not worth knowing to benefit your life.

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Some things in life are not negotiable. I used to know a guy from Argentina back in the 80’s whose father was a medical doctor but was disappointed in his son who did not follow his footstep to become a medical doctor. Instead of arguing with his father, he, whose name I can no longer remember, packed his bags and came to the US to work as a carpenter. He worked very hard and saved his money to acquire massive farmlands in Argentina. I just hope he held on his lands during and through the crisis Argentina has gone through so that he will be reap the reward for the intrinsic value he was able to see in his youth that his father could not. Investing in vineyards in Mendoza where Malbec grapes and wine are produced; Doug Casey has been saying the cheapest real estates in developed counties are available in Buenos Aires, Argentina at this time, and I agree. Argentina will sort out their financial challenges, eventually.




Malbec - Wikipedia


マルベック - Wikipedia


The wars, 94 of the in total, that the US engaged in is about the ONLY American “culture” that will be remembered in world history in my opinion. Another thing Americans will be remembered for will be dysfunctional family make ups. Because I spent decades in San Francisco where all the anomalies congregated, and because most of the people I worked with were homosexual, besides Filipinos and Mexicans, I witnessed the dark side of the American demographics, and the guys I worked with helped me to understand the anatomy, physiology and psychology that contributed to the sick behaviors that the collective American Dysfunctions exhibited.




Many runaway kids from dysfunctional families ended up in the streets of San Francisco, and they were selling themselves in the streets to get by. Polk Street was very famous for teenage boys who were servicing bi- curious customers, and surprisingly, many of them were illegal Mexicans who were in denial of their sexual orientation. Talk about Catholic church being such hypocrite, Catholic churches controlled the people’s behaviors throughout Latin America along with Southern Europe, etc. Like all road leads to Rome, all road leads to EL CENTRO where Catholic churches stand in those nations. Had I known any of these kids personally, I would have told them to wait until they were 18 years old before they left their dysfunctional families so that they could have built something of their own, authentic, no matter how small their successes. But what can I say about the stupid Americans? They live through others’ perceptions, never being able to create something real with their own lives.




I have a pretty good idea for how the future of the world finances will be established in 2025, but I want to be able to verity about 75% of what I anticipate before committing myself to any geographical locations. I was listening to Andy Bustamante, former CIA agent, who has been saying he plans to leave the US by 2030. I think 2030 is too late to make the move. With DJT or without, the combination of the US and Mexico is very bad (does not matter how much silver Mexico produces), and Canada without Castro-Trudeau will not be able to neutralize the North America in my opinion. The people I worked with from South America did not approve of Mexicans, and they had valid reasons for their opinions.




My advice to young Japanese seeking better employment opportunity is to go to Australia based on what I gathered from a Japanese guy who grew up in Australia who finished college in Japan. He worked in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Australia, ended up becoming a polyglot as a result said Australia offers most rewarding job opportunities among the four nations. I would do the same if I were young and starting over.




Still working on translating articles.


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If anyone is interested in buy porperties in Sarande, Albania, take a look at move in ready homes for sale in Southern Italy for half the price. Higher altitude will be important in 2025 if what I am hearing is correct.


Molise, STONE Home for sale in Italy with garage and terrace - Cheap for sale in Italian town | Tour - YouTube


Fantastic Move-in Ready Home for Sale in Puglia ITALY Balcony, Terrace and Garage Close to Sea (youtube.com)


Gorgeous Move in Ready Stone Home for Sale in Italian Village Close to Sea with Balcony and Views (youtube.com)

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Ex CIA Agent: Why Israel and Ukraine Can’t Win - Andrew Bustamante (youtube.com) [1:25:00 minute video]


And why the USA cannot win anything but what it imposes to the world: “DemoN-cracy” through many unnecessary wars. The Americans will know what the “DemoN-cracy” is like for the first time. Hopefully, the rest of the world will be able to insulate from the hell on Earth if they are paying attention to what is being imposed, especially the people in Japan.


What will Americans do about it? Nothing but move their mouths like carp in the photo with the exception of Jim Willie, the human garbage, due to his self-imposed mental illness. Remember he said how he “cannot sit still” many times before? It is a symptom for “narcissistic personality disorder”.

A carp fish with its mouth wide open above the water Stock Photo ...


WHY THE NARCISSIST CAN’T SIT STILL (youtube.com) [12:15 minute video]

This guy was in Costa Rica (with expensive pussies) when this video was created.





The president of Sushi Zammai told the truth about the “pirate destruction operation” in Somalia!


There are some things missiles can't solve.


I don't need a machine gun!





Recently, I heard a story spreading on the Internet that I have eradicated the pirates in Somalia.

It is true that in recent years my company has been focusing on business with the Republic of Djibouti, a country in Africa facing the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Djibouti is adjacent to Somalia, and we have been providing the technology we have acquired for the processing, freezing, and distributing tuna and many other types of fish unloaded in the country.

Until now, Somalia has only been able to sell about one ton of fish a day, even after going to the trouble of catching them, due to a lack of processing technology. By processing the fish properly, it is now possible to export. Some of them were involved in piracy, but since their original trade was being fishermen, many of them have now returned to being fishermen.

I would like to talk about this.

「すしざんまい」の社長・木村清氏が、同店を日本イチ有名な寿司チェーンにまで育てた過程を明かした『マグロ大王 木村清』が発売された。なぜあの価格で一級の寿司ネタを提供できるのか。ビジネスの秘密が満載だ。本書のなかから、話題の「海賊壊滅作戦」について記された部分を特別公開する。






Kiyoshi Kimura, president of Sushi Zammai, has released “The Great King of Tuna: Kiyoshi Kimura,” in which he reveals the process that made his restaurant the most famous sushi chain in Japan. How is it possible to offer first-class sushi items at such a reasonable price? The book is full of business secrets. From this book, we would like to make a special disclosure of the part that describes the much-talked-about “Operation Pirate Destruction”.

The waters off the coast of Somalia, not far from the Republic of Djibouti, are one of the world's best fishing grounds for yellowfin tuna, bee tuna, and other species. However, the Somali coast, including Djibouti, was devastated by the tsunami caused by the 2004 Sumatra earthquake. The civil war that began in the 1990s, which in turn triggered the problem of Somali pirates, had left the region far from a peaceful life, and the tsunami was fatal.

Perhaps due to this, the piracy problem spread to vessels from all over the world passing through these waters around 2005, and the waters surrounding Somalia became unsafe for navigation. Therefore, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and the military forces of various countries, including the United States, France, Germany, and Spain, dispatched naval vessels and patrol aircraft, and made other efforts to prevent piracy.

It was in 2011 that the Japanese Self-Defense Forces established a base of operations in Djibouti.

I was also wondering why pirates appeared in Djibouti, as a senior member of the Self-Defense Forces, and I had heard about the situation there and heard from the president, fishery officials, and people working there, After listening to the voices of the people as well, I was able to grasp the situation as I have just written.

The activities of the Self-Defense Forces are great, but, you know, you can't just wipe out pirates with missiles. Except for the vicious ones who are fully armed, most of the pirates are in small boats and have only crude Russian-made machine guns. Even if you kick them out, if they have no other means of earning a living, they will just go back to being pirates again.











Thinking of ways to avoid becoming a pirate

At the end of the day, it is a discussion, a conversation between human beings. If you catch pirates and bring them to Japan, they will say, “I don't want to go back. If they can live a comfortable and prosperous life in Japan, there is no need to take risks. But that is not possible, so we have to eliminate the causes of pirates in the region and shape their lives for the future.

The SDF, as the Self-Defense Forces, will do this as a defense to prevent piracy. Maintaining security is the job of the SDF and the military. On the other hand, I believe that it is the private sector's job to create livelihoods. The private sector eliminates piracy from the “inside” through economic activities.

Both are necessary as the two wheels of the cart. I think we need to do both. In this way, I hope that we can create a country with normal economic activities in which piracy does not appear.

I thought about what we could do to cooperate with the project. There were refrigeration in the area, but there was no place to sell fish. So they say, “There is nothing we can do with the fish we catch. The amount consumed locally is limited, and we don't really know how to eat it. Moreover, the fishing boats and other equipment necessary for fishing are only poorly equipped.

When I was there, I actually tried the Japanese fishing method. When I did so, I caught fish well. Fisheries resources are plentiful. If everyone can secure work and income through fishing, whether it is thousands or tens of thousands of yen a day, they will not have to engage in piracy. The government also wants them to be engaged in the fishing industry so that we can be strong as a nation. Then let's do it mutually. So our company decided to cooperate and sign an agreement with the government in the field of fishery.

We provided fishing guidance to the fishermen through the local fishermen's cooperative, and since they had no boats, we brought in a second-hand fishing boat from Japan. We also looked into ways to transport the vessels to Somalia, since they could not be taken to Somalia if they were registered in Japan, and devised ways to train Sri Lankans to become crew members and bring them in from Sri Lanka.

It took about three years. Through trial and error, we have been preparing to do business with people who can fish in Djibouti and other areas off the coast of Somalia. We are trying to set up a system for local people to catch fish and for us to buy them. We are not yet at the level where we can make a profit, but we have a good chance of making a profit in the future.

In the meantime, there are many dangerous international problems, such as the Al Qaeda problem and the ISIS (Islamic State) problem, but with cooperation from various angles, we are supporting the people of Djibouti and Somalia to improve their lives, even if it is only in a small way. We believe that it is not our first priority to make immediate profit, but to respond to the needs of the people in need.

Thanks to your support, we were able to meet with then Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Djibouti President Ismail Oumar Gele when they visited Japan in 2013. The Djibouti government even awarded me a medal in recognition of my past activities. This is what I treasure.






「ちょっと落ちるな」と感じたら、焼き魚にします。それよりも落ちるなら、煮魚ですね。煮魚にもどうかと思ったら佃煮にします。それでもダメなら、お客様に提供できないから廃棄? ……とんでもありません! そんなもったいないことは絶対にしません。ならば私は、肥料にすることを考えます。肥料として考えたら、こんな贅沢なものはないかもしれませんが、肥料も品質が大事です。





Only “98 or better” tuna for sushi

Many people may think of tuna when they think of Sushizammai. In fact, purchasing tuna is a very difficult job, as it is very common to buy tuna that cost 2 or 3 million yen each, only to find that the quality was poor when the tuna was dismantled. This is the difficulty of dealing with living creatures.

If the quality of tuna I aim for is “100 points perfect,” it is rare, but sometimes I encounter tuna that is better than “100 points perfect. On the other hand, sometimes the tuna is 90 or 80 points.

The tuna that Sushizammai serves to customers as sushi is only “98 points or better,” although it is a sensory experience. I never compromise on the quality of the tuna. That is why I set the strike zone to a margin of about 2%.

I judge the quality of the tuna by its texture, tenderness, and fat content, and I will not serve anything that I judge to have a score below that level. Even if it is at a level that other sushi restaurants would serve, we will not serve it as sashimi unless we are satisfied with the quality.

If we feel that the fish is a little below that level, we will grill it. If it is lower than that, I serve it as boiled fish. If we feel that the fish is not good enough for boiled fish, then we make tsukudani (tuna cooked in soy sauce). If it still doesn't work, discard it because you can't serve it to customers? ......That is outrageous! I would never do such a wasteful thing. Then I would consider making it into fertilizer. If you think of it as fertilizer, it may not be such a luxury, but quality is important for fertilizer as well.

This is true for all fish, not just tuna.

People from all over Japan and the world come to Tsukiji and enjoy eating sushi. This is the greatest joy for those of us in the restaurant business. In Tsukiji, which has regained its liveliness, I am filled with the happiness of working for the joy of others.

People cannot live alone, but are kept alive by the joy of others.

This is one of the phrases I am fond of saying. It is also my false belief that I have witnessed how Tsukiji went from literally zero after the bursting of the bubble economy to the bustling Tsukiji of today.


Are you sure that “America knows best”? They sure know how to move their mouths with empty words while their asses are glued to their seats.


Koi Karp Pond stock photo. Image of orange, asia, carp - 232052080

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106 Year Old Woman interview-Nancy (youtube.com) [1:16:49 minute]


I listened to the above interview but stopped when Nancy started to describe how mother poured a pot of boiling water on her abdomen in order to abort her fetus she could not afford, never mind the loser who impregnated her who never worked in his life but took Nancy’s paychecks on paydays as he picked her up from the factory. They had six kids already, and Nancy’s mother knew she did not earn enough to feed another mouth. It did not bother Nancy’s “father” who married her mother to use her as his meal ticket as well as his semen receptacle. Since Nancy was the oldest in the sibling, she had to be the “mother” to her younger brothers and sisters after her mother passed away in the hospital. Nancy’s story embodies the suffering the poor immigrants from Italy, Ireland and other European countries who fled the famine.




私は上記のインタビューに耳を傾けたが、ナンシーが、彼女の母親はもう一人の子供を養う余裕がなかった為に胎児を堕胎させようと、自分の腹部に鍋から熱湯をかぶったことを語り始めたところでやめた、ナンシーをはらませた負け犬は生涯一度も働いたことがなかったが、給料日にナンシーノの母を工場まで迎えに行き、彼女の給料を全部取り上げていた。子供たちはすでに6人いたが、ナンシーの母親は、自分がもう一人の子供を養うだけの金を稼げないことを知っていた。ナンシーの 「父親 」は、ナンシーの母を自分の金ずると性器として利用するために母親と結婚したのだ。ナンシーは兄弟の中で一番年上だったので、母親がやけどで病院で亡くなった後は、弟や妹たちの「母親」にならざるを得なかった。ナンシーの物語は、飢饉から逃れたイタリア、アイルランド、その他のヨーロッパ諸国からの貧しい移民の苦しみを物語っている。


Japan was used as the cannon fodder by Rothschild, et al, in the Russo-Japanese War that brought Communism, Lenin and Trotsky, to Russia that killed 26 million Russians, most of whom were Russian Orthodox Christian who were sent to Siberia, labor camp, to die. I am working on the lectures given by Masami Uno who says Japanese people lack the understanding for how Japan aided the Illuminati against Russia.


日露戦争は、レーニン、トロツキストを通じて共産主義 をロシアにもたらし、2600万人のロシア人を殺した日露戦争での日本の勝利とは実際には全く異なり、日本はロスチャイルドらによって利用されたに過ぎない。私は現在宇野正美氏の講演の書き写しと翻訳に取り組んでいる。宇野氏は、日本人がいかにしてロシアに対してイルミナティを援助したかについて理解していないと語っている。


Russo-Japanese War - Wikipedia


日露戦争 - Wikipedia


Operation Barbarossa - Wikipedia


バルバロッサ作戦 - Wikipedia


Russia lost 20 million people (if my memory serves me) when Napoleon invaded Russia.




French invasion of Russia - Wikipedia


1812年ロシア戦役 - Wikipedia


Why is this so important to understand the truth concerning the West against Russia for Japanese people? It is because they will have the realization of who their/our true enemies are: Russians were not their/our enemy, but Japan was deceived during the Meiji Restoration by the City of London. Likewise, most Americans do not know who their enemies are, and it looks to me as though Mexico will join the US to be the next “useful idiots” for the Military Industrial Complex.


日本人にとって、対ロシア西側に関する真実を理解することがなぜそれほど重要なのか。それは、彼ら/我々の真の敵が誰なのかを知ることになるからである: ロシア人は敵ではなかったが、日本は明治維新の際にロンドン・シティに騙されたのだ。同じように、ほとんどのアメリカ人は自分たちの敵が誰なのか知らない。メキシコもアメリカとともに、軍産複合体の次の「便利なバカ」になるように私には見える。


When the WWII ended and the Soviet Union claimed the Northern Territories north of Hokkaido, but the Communist were in power then. The Kremlin removed those Communists when Putin rose to power. Uno Masami said in one of his lectures that Ashkenazi “jews” are not permitted in to the Kremlin Patriarch even if they complete the educational requirements from the Russian Orthodox seminaries.




Meiji Restoration - Wikipedia


明治維新 - Wikipedia



Who is running the Mexican elections?

Leading presidential candidate Claudia Sheinbaum has enjoyed a comfortable lead, with around 59% of the vote, according to a February poll. The former mayor of Mexico City, Sheinbaum is seen as a continuation of populist leftist leader López Obrador and is backed by his Morena party.



Mexican Election 2024: Date, candidates, key issues | AP News


Sheinbaum? She is an AshkeNAZI and possibly a fake ”Jew”. Out of all the Latinos I worked in San Francisco, Mexicans were the dumbest of all. This makes them the best candidate for the next useful idiots for the MIC. Can you see what I see?

シャインバウム?彼女はアシュケナージで、おそらく偽 「ユダヤ人 」だ。サンフランシスコで働いたラテン系の中では、メキシコ人が一番バカだった。このため、彼らは軍産複合体にとって、次の便利なバカの最有力候補となる。私が見ている事見えますか?

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I don't know about other people, but I do not want to repeat the same lessons over and over. But until the lessons are learned, they will repeat. It's like playing the same music over and over. How about playing "Mary had a little lam" on the piano for the rest of your life? The "new age" people used to talk about ascension all the time. How do they "ascend" to the next level without learning the lessons in each step? It's like building muscle masses by watching other people pumping iron on YouTube videos. Americans are very good at pumping bull shit into the orbit. Japanese people need to stop being fooled. 

他の人はどうか知らないが、私は同じレッスンを何度も繰り返したくない。しかし、教訓を学ぶまでは、同じことが繰り返される.一生ピアノで『Mary had a little lam』を弾き続けるのはどうだろう?ニューエイジ」の人たちは、アセンションについていつも話していた。それぞれのステップにおけるレッスンを学ぶことなく、どうやって次のレベルに「アセンション」するのだろうか?YouTubeのビデオで他の人が筋トレをしているのを見ているだけで筋肉をつけると言う事と同じです。アメリカ人はでたらめを世界中に送り込むのが得意中の得意だ。日本の皆さん騙さないでください。

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