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Peter Sweden- IT'S HAPPENING: Britain REFUSES to Sign WHO Pandemic Treaty | The Gateway Pundit | by Guest Contributor

This article was written by Swedish independent journalist Peter Imanuelsen, also known as PeterSweden. You can follow him at PeterSweden.com.
This is big news for freedom and sovereignty.

I recently reported on how in the latest draft of the WHO pandemic treaty, it was being watered down.

Now it is being reported that Britain is REFUSING to sign on to the World Health Organisation’s pandemic treaty and that they will not sign any form of the treaty that undermines Britain’s sovereignty.

That is very good news.

However, the reason they are against the treaty is because countries will be obliged to give away 20% of pandemic related health products. In other words, things such as vaccines, medicines and protection equipment like face masks.

パンデミック条約反対でデモ―東京・池袋:時事ドットコム (jiji.com)




持続的感染、後遺症要因か 「ミニ腸」で新型コロナ実験―感染研など

 デモ行進は「パンデミック条約 IHR(国際保健規則)改定反対」の横断幕を先頭に、午後2時にスタート。「ワクチンが任意である日本の主権を無視して、接種を強要するWHOに強く抗議する」として、参加者は「健康を人質にしたWHOの横暴を許すな」「政府は条約の情報を国民に開示せよ」などとシュプレヒコールを上げ、駅周辺の通りを練り歩いた。

Demonstration against the Pandemic Pact - Ikebukuro, Tokyo

 On May 13, citizens demonstrated in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, against the "Pandemic Convention," which the World Health Organization (WHO) aims to adopt at its General Assembly in May to strengthen its authority based on lessons learned from the response to the new coronavirus infection. Higashi-Ikebukuro Central Park, the starting point of the demonstration, was filled with participants and many supporters gathered along the street.

Persistent infection, a factor in aftereffects, or "mini-intestine" experiments on new coronas - Institute of Infectious Diseases, etc.

 The march started at 2:00 p.m. with a banner reading "Opposition to the revision of the IHR (International Health Regulations) of the Pandemic Convention. The participants paraded through the streets around the station, shouting "Don't allow the WHO to hold our health hostage with its arrogance" and "The government must disclose information on the Convention to the public" as they "strongly protest against the WHO forcing vaccinations on Japan, ignoring the sovereignty of Japan, for which vaccines are optional.


It is obvious the Japanese have awakened, and it seems to have influenced the UK’s stance on the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty.

But why?

When all Japanese assets are combined, the trade surplus in foreign currencies, assets held by corporations and Japanese people, it amounts to $100 Trillion of real assets which exceeds Rothschilds’ total wealth, not debts like the US accumulated. The MSM is known to spread lies which keeps people in fear. It is said among those in the know in Japan that there is no need for Japanese people to be taxed. The Ministry of Finance in Japan needs to be dismantled.




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新スコットランド首相にスウィニー氏、議会での合意形成に注力(英国) | ビジネス短信 ―ジェトロの海外ニュース - ジェトロ (jetro.go.jp)








Swinney Becomes New Scottish Prime Minister, Focuses on Building Consensus in Parliament

Former Deputy Prime Minister John Swinney of the ruling Scottish National Party (SNP) took office as prime minister in Scotland, England, on May 7. He had been elected leader of the party on May 6, replacing former SNP leader Humza Yousuf, who announced his resignation on April 29 (see May 7, 2024 article).

The SNP has been the minority ruling party since the dissolution of the coalition with the Green Party during Yusuf's administration. Swinney told parliament that, given that he will be leading a minority ruling party, he will need the support of various parties to realize his policies and that he will work to build consensus in parliament.

The cabinet was also formed on August 8, and the appointment of Finance and Economy Minister Kate Forbes as the new deputy prime minister was announced. Forbes lost the last leadership election to Yusuf, and although she was considered to run for the leadership this time, she announced her support for Sweeney and decided not to run.

Mr. Sweeney also announced his priorities as he formed his cabinet. He listed four priorities: eradicating child poverty, accelerating economic growth, achieving climate change targets, and investing in public services. On independence, he said it would be best for Scotland in the future, but that more people would need to be convinced in order for it to happen. In his speech after his election as party leader on June 6, he also said that he would persuade people "with respect and deference" about independence.

It is reported that he has no intention of restoring the "Bute House Agreement," an agreement with the Green Party that was dissolved during the Yusuf administration ("Politico," May 7).


マリー・アン・マクラウド・トランプ - Wikipedia

Mary Anne MacLeod Trump - Wikipedia


John Trump, Donald's Uncle: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know (heavy.com)

1. John Trump Was a Professor at MIT in Electrical Engineering

2. Trump Developed High Voltage X-Ray Generators That Extended the Lives of Cancer Patients

3. John Trump Was Asked to Inspect Nikola Tesla’s Papers After the Inventor’s Death

4. Donald Trump Has Spoken Highly of His Uncle, Who Developed Radar Equipment During WWII

5. Professor Trump’s Nikola Tesla Tie Has Sparked Bizarre Conspiracy Theories on the Internet

ドナルドの叔父、ジョン・トランプ: 知っておくべき5つの事実

1. ジョン・トランプ MIT電気工学教授

2. トランプは高圧X線発生装置を開発し、ガン患者の寿命を延ばした。

3. 発明家ニコラ・テスラの死後、ジョン・トランプはその論文の閲覧を依頼された

4. ドナルド・トランプは、第二次世界大戦中にレーダー装置を開発した叔父を高く評価している

5. トランプ教授のニコラ・テスラとの結びつきが、インターネット上で奇妙な陰謀説を巻き起こした

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Is it just a coincidence that there is an X in the Scottish flag? 

Is it just a coincidence that Elon Musk appears to be working towards creating money that cannot be abused by the International Banking Cartel?

Only time will tell.

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【ゆっくり解説】悪の財布だったスイスと日本 藤原直哉 (youtube.com) [2:24 minute video]





Switzerland and Japan, the wallets for the evil.

If the LDP, or rather Japanese politics, is abandoned by the US, it will be the end of the world in Japan. It is just like East Germany. The Soviets collapsed and East Germany collapsed, didn't they? It is exactly the same with the current Japanese government. If Biden goes down, it will be the end of everything. Moreover, the biggest den of Biden and his gang of thugs was in Ukraine. Apparently, one of the big money sources for the bad guys in Ukraine was Japan. So you have an intelligence chief named Budanov. It's outrageous. Kyrylo Oleksiiovych Budanov, a Ukrainian military man who has been the Director General of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine since August 5, 2020, and who has been called a hero of Ukraine, is believed to be leading the laundering of billions of hryvnia worth of money in December 2021, to a property owned by Bechilaustrekoky, where Budanov and Deputy Minister Oleksandr Gogibirinam is reportedly residing in a property owned by Vetylaustrekoy, who is believed to be leading the laundering of billions of hryvnia in December 2021. The hryvnia is Ukraine's monetary unit, and as of May 2024, it is approximately 3.9 yen per hryvnia. It seems that the Japanese government was close to the Ukrainian government. So, in short, Japan was the source of money for the evil side, and I think Switzerland was also in such a position. So, in short, Japan is the source of the evil money, just like Switzerland. I think Switzerland was in such a position, too. I think Switzerland was in the same position as Japan, and I think Japan was in the same position as Switzerland. I don't think they will get away with it. I think both the Japanese and Swiss governments are really going to be vaporized in a kiln.


The spelling for the following names could not be verified:



Oleksandr Gogibirinam



I agree with the above with the exception of how Japanese people have been treated badly by their own government. Japan did not exist for the Japanese people, and the majority of the Japanese politicians have been serving foreign interests with the exception of few who have been targeted for violence and murder for merely looking after the interest of the Japanese people.

I am 100% sure Swiss citizens were never treated by their government as the Japanese people did in their own country. The current Japanese politicians who are not working for the Japanese people’s interest, they should leave their positions immediately and let others resume their posts who will.




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The following story is one way America as a society can be defined at its “finest” besides the 106 year old Nancy’s testimony about how her mother chose to terminate her pregnancy (there is a saying “barefoot and pregnant” in the US.

次の話は、アメリカという社会が "最高級 "であると定義できる一つの方法である。 106歳のナンシーが、母親がどのようにして妊娠の中止を選んだかについての証言のほかに(アメリカには「裸足で妊娠」ということわざがある。

We judge a society/nation by how it treats the most vulnerable.


This is why I cringe every time someone tells me he/she is a Christian in the US.


The person whom I am in close contact in my current community is a Cherokee, therefore.



Joe Arridy: The Mentally Disabled Man Executed for a Murder He Never Committed - Rare Historical Photos


Joe Arridy: The Mentally Disabled Man Executed for a Murder He Never Committed


ジョー・アリディ 犯してもいない殺人で処刑された知的障害者


Joe Arridy didn’t have a last meal wish. Maybe he didn’t quite get what that meant.


He was just 23, with an IQ of 46. He understood the simple joys of eating, playing, and the world of trains – things you could see, smell, and live.


But things like God, justice, and evil were like elusive dreams to him. The doctors called him an “imbecile,” a term for someone who thinks like a child between four and six.


When the police pressured him into confessing to a gruesome murder he didn’t commit, his short life met a tragic end.


This is the heartbreaking story of Joe Arridy, one of those instances when justice went awry.


Joe Arridy was born in 1915 in Pueblo, Colorado, the oldest child of Mary and Henry Arridy, who had recently moved from Syria. They were first cousins and didn’t speak English.


For the first five years of his life, Joe didn’t talk. After going to elementary school for just one year, his principal told his parents to keep him at home, saying he could not learn or understand.


When Joe was ten, he went to the State Home and Training School for Mental Defectives in Grand Junction, Colorado, where he lived on and off for eleven years until becoming a young adult.


Examiners at the home also had Arridy’s family undergo several psychological tests and concluded that his mother Mary was “probably feeble-minded”.


Both in his neighborhood and at the school, he was often mistreated and beaten by his peers. In 1929, while living back in Pueblo, Arridy was sexually assaulted by a group of teen boys, aggravating his mental issues.


Eventually, he left the school and hopped on freight railcars to leave the city, ending up at the age of 21 in the railyards of Cheyenne, Wyoming, by late August 1936.


The Crime


On the night of August 15, 1936, Dorothy Drain’s parents returned to their Pueblo, Colorado home to discover their 15-year-old daughter lifeless in a pool of her own blood. A fatal blow to the head had taken her life while she slept.


Tragically, her younger sister, Barbara, also suffered a head injury but miraculously survived.


The vicious attack sent shockwaves through the town, prompting newspapers to sensationalize the situation, declaring the presence of a sex-motivated murderer on the loose.


Police were under tremendous pressure to catch the killer and Sheriff George Carroll must have felt nothing but relief when 21-year-old Joe Arridy, who had been found aimlessly wandering near the local railyards, confessed to the murders.


The Arrest of Joe Arridy


On August 26, 1936, Arridy was arrested for vagrancy in Cheyenne, Wyoming, after being apprehended while wandering around the railyards.


Although the crime occurred in Colorado, the local sheriff, George Carroll, was aware of the widespread search for suspects in the Drain murder case.


When Arridy disclosed during questioning that he had traveled through Pueblo by train after departing from Grand Junction, Colorado, Carroll began to interrogate him about the Drain case. Carroll claimed that Arridy confessed to him.


Witness accounts indicated that the individual in close proximity to the crime scene bore a Mexican appearance.


It is noteworthy that Joe Arridy’s parents were Syrian immigrants, a detail contributing to his dark complexion.


When Carroll contacted the Pueblo police chief Arthur Grady about Arridy, he learned that they had already arrested a man considered to be the prime suspect: Frank Aguilar, a laborer with the Works Progress Administration from Mexico.

キャロルがプエブロ警察のアーサー・グレイディ署長にアリジーのことを問い合わせたところ、第一容疑者と思われる男をすでに逮捕していることを知った: フランク・アギラーというメキシコ出身の労働者である。

Aguilar had worked for the father of the Drain girls and been fired shortly before the attack. An axe head was recovered from Aguilar’s home.


Sheriff Carroll claimed that Arridy told him several times he had “been with a man named Frank” at the crime scene.


Aguilar later confessed to the crime and told police he had never seen or met Arridy.


Aguilar was also convicted of the rape and murder of Dorothy Drain and sentenced to death. He was executed on August 13, 1937, in Colorado State Penitentiary.


After being transported to Pueblo, Arridy reportedly confessed again.


Arridy spoke slowly, struggled with tasks like identifying colors, and had difficulty repeating sentences longer than a couple of words.


The superintendent of the state home where Arridy lived remembered him being easily manipulated by other boys. They once convinced him to confess to stealing cigarettes, even though it was impossible for him to do so.


Sheriff Carroll seemed to grasp Arridy’s susceptibility to influence, similar to how other boys had taken advantage of him before.


Carroll’s questioning approach involved leading questions, like asking about Arridy’s interest in girls and immediately suggesting wrongdoing: “If you like girls so much, why do you hurt them?”

キャロルの尋問方法は、アリジーの女の子への興味を尋ねたり、すぐに悪事をほのめかすような、誘導的な質問を含んでいた: 「そんなに女の子が好きなら、どうして傷つけるの?

The coercive nature of these questions led to swift changes in Arridy’s testimony, depending on the interrogator.


Moreover, Arridy remained unaware of key details of the murders, such as the weapon being an ax, until they were presented to him during questioning.




During the trial, Arridy’s lawyer argued that his client was not mentally fit, hoping to spare his life.


Despite being deemed sane, three state psychiatrists acknowledged Arridy’s severe mental limitations, classifying him as an “imbecile” based on the medical terminology of that time.


They pointed out his IQ of 46, equivalent to that of a six-year-old, and emphasized his incapacity to distinguish between right and wrong, making him unable to engage in actions with criminal intent.


Arridy was convicted largely due to his false confession, a vulnerability often observed in individuals with limited mental capacity during interrogations. Notably, there was no physical evidence against him.


Barbara Drain’s testimony implicated Aguilar in the attack, not Arridy, as she could identify Aguilar due to his prior work for her father. Despite the weakness of the evidence, Arridy was found guilty and sentenced to death.


Attorney Gail L. Ireland, who later was elected and served as Colorado Attorney General and Colorado Water Commissioner, became involved as defense counsel in Arridy’s case after his conviction and sentencing.


While Ireland won several delays of Arridy’s execution, he was unable to get his conviction overturned or commutation of his sentence.


The execution of Joe Arridy


While awaiting appeals on death row, Arridy found solace in playing with a toy train, a thoughtful gift from prison warden Roy Best.


According to Best, Arridy was considered “the happiest prisoner on death row.” Both fellow inmates and guards treated him well. Warden Best became a strong supporter of Arridy, actively contributing to efforts to spare his life.

ベストによれば、アリディは "死刑囚の中で最も幸せな囚人 "と考えられていた。受刑者仲間も看守も彼によくしてくれた。ベスト所長はアリジーの強力な支援者となり、彼の命を救うための努力に積極的に貢献した。

Their bond was profound, with Best caring for Arridy like a son, regularly bringing him gifts.


In reflecting on Arridy’s demeanor before the execution, Best remarked, “He probably didn’t even know he was about to die; all he did was happily sit and play with a toy train I had given him.”


For his last meal, Arridy requested ice cream. When confronted about his impending execution, he displayed a “blank bewilderment.”

最後の食事に、アリディはアイスクリームを要求した。処刑が間近に迫っていることを告げられると、彼は "無表情な困惑 "を見せた。

As he was led to the gas chamber, reports say he smiled. Though a bit nervous initially, he found solace when the warden grabbed his hand and reassured him.


The execution happened fairly quickly, but it’s said that Warden Best shed some tears in the chamber.


In 2011, Arridy received a full and unconditional posthumous pardon by Colorado Governor Bill Ritter (72 years after his death).


Ritter, the former district attorney of Denver, pardoned Arridy based on questions about the man’s guilt and what appeared to be a coerced false confession. This was the first time in Colorado that the governor had pardoned a convict after execution.


Joe Arridy: The Mentally Disabled Man Executed for a Murder He Never Committed

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I heard Juan-O-Savin is/was visiting Japan. Is he also in need of donations?

If memory serves me he is/was with the US Navy.

I do not have the time nor the patience to listen to him who never makes clear statements until the end of conversations.

The main thing I want to remind the Japanese contact is to never take anything at the face value from the US because they lie all the time.







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I believe that the culture of abuse ”弱いもの虐め”in Japan was brought by the GHQ from the U.S. after the war. It is not a good thing to be involved with the U.S.


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【馬渕睦夫】従軍慰●婦問題も南京大●殺もウソだった?その真相とは...【ひとりがたり/振り返りpart55(youtube.com) [12:54 minute video]

Mutsuo Mabuchi: The Military Comfort Women Issue and the Nanking Massacre Were Lies? The truth is... Hitorigatari/Reflections Part55


0:00 – 2:27

いわゆる従軍慰安婦問題ですね。ここまでこじれたっていうかあそこまで韓国の言い分が通ってきたのはどうしてかというとこれは日本の当時の宮沢河野ラインが甘かったという点もありますがこれは日本にとって最大の問題ですけれどもと同時に韓国のバックにアメリカがいたDEEP STATE がいたわけですね。だからこそ韓国は国際世論に嘘の訴えをすることができた。つまりDEEP STATE が支配するフェイクニュースが流れたわけですね。アメリカのメディアを中心にヨーロッパのメディアも含めてその従軍慰安婦問題が事実上の性奴隷であるというような間違ったニュースを流した訳です。それはアメリカにとってもヨーロッパにとってもつまり彼らにとっては利用価値があった訳ですね。アメリカにとっては日本に原爆を落とした国ですからね。そういう国際法違反の戦争犯罪を隠す為には日本が悪かったと何でも良いわけですね。何でも針小棒大に日本が酷いことをした悪かった残虐であったというでっち上げのニュースを世界に広めて来たわけですね。幻のといいますが南京大虐殺もそのとうりです。なぜあんな嘘が通るのか?これが言ってみればトランプさんがアメリカのメインストリームメディアががどうしてフェイクニュースであるとずーっと言っておられるのはどういう意味なのかという事ですね。それはトランプ大統領が気まぐれで言っておられる訳じゃないんです。彼らが意図的にこれはもう私の視聴者の方はもう先刻ご存じの事ですが意図的に捏造したニュースを流して来た。捏造したニュースを流すことによって紛争をあおってきた。こういう歴史があるわけですね。メディアはそういう役割をしているんだという事を知るだけでも私は国民の精神武装が進むんだという事を常々言っておりました。今こそ我々はもう一度日本の特に日本のメディアが今令和の時代にある事無いこと皇室問題も含めて嘘八百を流しているという事はですねもう一度私たちは心して精神武装をする必要があると思います。


This is the so-called "comfort women" issue. The reason why the issue has become so complicated, or why Korea's point of view has been accepted to such an extent, is partly because the Miyazawa-Kono line in Japan at that time was too lenient, which was the biggest problem for Japan, but also because the United States was behind the DEEP STATE in Korea. That is why South Korea was able to make false claims to international public opinion. In other words, fake news dominated by DEEP STATE was spread. The American media, as well as the European media, spread the false news that the comfort women were in fact sex slaves. This was of great value to both the US and Europe, in other words. For the US, it was the country that dropped the atomic bomb on Japan. To cover up such war crimes against international law, they can say that Japan was wronged in any way they want. They have been spreading the news to the world that Japan did terrible things, was bad, and was atrocious. It is called a phantom, and the Nanking Massacre is just like that. How could such a lie get through? This, in a nutshell, is what Trump means when he keeps on and on about how the mainstream media in the US is fake news. It's not that President Trump is saying this on a whim. They have been intentionally spreading fake news, as my viewers already know by now. They have been stirring up conflicts by spreading fabricated news. This is the history of the media. I have always said that just by knowing that the media plays such a role, the people of Japan will be better armed mentally. Now is the time for us to be aware of the fact that the Japanese media, especially the Japanese media, are spreading lies about everything, including the Imperial Household issue, in this era of 2022.




私はメディアが言論の自由を守る府?であるとか一度も思った事がありません。私たちはそういう事を思っちゃいけませんね。国民の知る権利を代弁してくれてるなんて嘘ですからね。彼ら自身にとって都合の悪いニュースはニュースにしないで捏造してでも彼らが持っていきたい方向に国民を洗脳する役割がメディアだったですね。このことはもう何度もこの番組で申し上げました。ですから今多くの方がもう新聞のニュースは読まないテレビのニュースは見ない。ましてはバラエティー番組なんていうのはバカバカしいという事ですね。ここまで私は我々の精神武装が進んだと非常に喜んで下りますが先ほどの問題でアメリカ(DEEP STATE)が何故韓国の肩を持った理由は申し上げました。韓国と日本を対立させる。そして韓国に被害者意識そして日本に加害者意識を植えつける。そしてこの両国が半ば永遠に対立するように仕向けるという事ですね。それは韓国が何かにつけて日本にいちゃもんをつけて日本の様々な分野における発展を形成してきたことは戦後の事実として我々は理解することができますね。極論ではありませんが例えばユネスコの世界遺産登録についてまで韓国は日本にいちゃもんを付けてくるわけですからね。例えば軍艦島で韓国人が強制労働されたというこれまた嘘を作り上げたわけですね。ところが当時はオバマ政権でしたから日本外務省も弱腰だったですね。韓国の言い分をはねつけけられなかった。つまり韓国とは事を起こさないという事です。そういう知らず知らずの亡霊的な加害者被害者対立構図の呪縛に縛られていた。残念ながら我が古巣の外務省もそうでしたね。韓国とは事を起こさないということ。大人の対応をするという事ですね。


I have never thought of the media as an Office of free speech? I have never once thought that the media is the government of free speech. We should not think that. It is a lie that they represent the public's right to know. The media has been brainwashing the public in the direction they want to take, even if they fabricate news that is not good for them. I have already mentioned this many times in this program. That is why many people no longer read the news in newspapers or watch news on TV. And variety shows are just ridiculous. I am very happy that we have made progress in our mental armament, but I have already told you why the U.S. (DEEP STATE) took the side of South Korea on the issue mentioned earlier. To put South Korea and Japan at odds with each other. To put South Korea in a position of victimhood and Japan in a position of perpetrator. It is to set the two countries in a half-permanent confrontation. It is a postwar fact that South Korea has been shaping Japan's development in various fields by flirting with Japan in any way it can. Not to be extreme, but South Korea has even been picking on Japan over, for example, UNESCO's World Heritage Site registration. For example, they made up the lie that Koreans were forced to work on Gunkanjima. At the time, however, the Obama administration was in power, and Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs was weak-kneed. They were unable to rebuff South Korea's claims. In other words, they would not have anything to do with South Korea. We were bound by the curse of this unwittingly ghostly perpetrator-victim conflict. Unfortunately, the same was true of our old Foreign Ministry. It means that we will not start any trouble with South Korea. It means that we will take an adult's approach to avoid confrontation-conflict from South Korea.


馬渕睦夫 - Wikipedia

馬渕 睦夫(まぶち むつお、1946昭和21年〉121 - )は、日本ノンフィクション作家、元外交官



Mutuo Mabuchi (born January 21, 1946) is a Japanese nonfiction writer and former diplomat.

He served as Minister at the Embassy of Japan in Israel[1], Minister Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at the Embassy of Japan in Thailand[1], Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Cuba[1], Ambassador to Ukraine and Moldova[2], and Professor at the National Defense Academy[3]. He is a commentator for the Japan Culture Channel Sakura [4].

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