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Trust The "Science"...That Just Retracted 11,000 "Peer Reviewed" Papers | ZeroHedge


Trust The "Science"...That Just Retracted 11,000 "Peer Reviewed" Papers



MONDAY, MAY 27, 2024 - 04:45 PM


It's yet another reminder of why blindly 'trusting the science' may not always be the best go-to move in the future.


217 year old Wiley science publisher has reportedly "peer reviewed" more than 11,000 papers that were determined to be fake without ever noticing. The papers were referred to as "naked gobbledygook sandwiches",  Australian blogger Jo Nova wrote on her blog last week


"It’s not just a scam, it’s an industry," she said. "Who knew, academic journals were a $30 billion dollar industry?"


According to Nova's post, professional cheating services are employing AI to craft seemingly "original" academic papers by shuffling around words. For instance, terms like "breast cancer" morphed into "bosom peril," and a "naïve Bayes" classifier turns into "gullible Bayes."

ノヴァの投稿によれば、プロのカンニング・サービスはAIを使い、言葉をシャッフルすることで一見 「独創的 」な学術論文を作成しているという。例えば、「breast cancer 」のような用語は 「bosom peril 」に変化し、「naive bayes 」分類器は 「gullible bayes 」に変化する。

Similarly, in one paper, an ant colony was bizarrely rebranded as an "underground creepy crawly state." 

同様に、ある論文では、アリのコロニーを 「地下の不気味な這うような状態 」と奇妙に言い換えている。

The misuse of terminology extends to machine learning, where a 'random forest' is whimsically translated to 'irregular backwoods' or 'arbitrary timberland'.


Nova writes that shockingly, these papers undergo peer review without any rigorous human oversight, allowing egregious errors, like converting 'local average energy' to 'territorial normal vitality', to slip through.


The publisher Wiley has confessed that fraudulent activities have rendered 19 of its journals so compromised that they must be shuttered. In response, the industry is developing AI tools to detect these fakes, a necessary yet disheartening development. Nova writes:


The rot at Wiley started decades ago, but it got caught when it spent US $298 million on an Egyptian publishing house called Hindawi. We could say we hope no babies were hurt by fake papers but we know bad science already kills people. What we need are not “peer reviewed” papers but actual live face to face debate. Only when the best of both sides have to answer questions, with the data will we get real science:


In March, it revealed to the NYSE a $US9 million ($13.5 million) plunge in research revenue after being forced to “pause” the publication of so-called “special issue” journals by its Hindawi imprint, which it had acquired in 2021 for US$298 million ($450 million).


Its statement noted the Hindawi program, which comprised some 250 journals, had been “suspended temporarily due to the presence in certain special issues of compromised articles”.


Many of these suspect papers purported to be serious medical studies, including examinations of drug resistance in newborns with pneumonia and the value of MRI scans in the diagnosis of early liver disease. The journals involved included Disease Markers, BioMed Research International and Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience.

これらの疑わしい論文の多くは、新生児の肺炎における薬剤耐性や、早期肝疾患の診断におけるMRI検査の価値など、重大な医学研究であると称していた。対象となったジャーナルは、Disease MarkersBioMed Research InternationalComputational Intelligence and Neuroscienceなどである。

The problem is only becoming more urgent. The recent explosion of artificial intelligence raises the stakes even further. A researcher at University College London recently found more than 1 per cent of all scientific articles published last year, some 60,000 papers, were likely written by a computer.


In some sectors, it’s worse. Almost one out of every five computer science papers published in the past four years may not have been written by humans.


In Australia, ABC has reported on this issue, reflecting concerns over diminishing public trust in universities, which are increasingly seen as businesses rather than educational institutions. This perception is fueled by incidents where universities, driven by financial incentives, overlook academic fraud.


The core of the scientific community is corroded, exacerbated by entities like the ABC Science Unit, which rather than scrutinizing dubious research, often shields it.


This ongoing degradation calls for a shift from traditional peer review to rigorous live debates, ensuring accountability by having people argue their cases in real time.


In December 2023, Nature posted that more than 10,000 papers were retracted in 2023 -- a new record.


You can read Nova's full blog post here


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Entire Financial System Can Go Down Soon -Chris Martenson | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog 

Entire Financial System Can Go Down Soon -Chris Martenson

金融システム全体がまもなく崩壊する可能性 -クリス・マーテンソン

By Greg Hunter On May 29, 2024 

Dr. Chris Martenson holds a PhD in pathology from Duke University, is a futurist and an economic researcher.  Dr. Martenson was one of the very few scientists who called BS on the FDA’s approval of Pfizer’s CV19 vax back in August 2021.  Dr. Martenson went on the record to say, “Comirnaty CV19 Vax Approval is Actually Fraudulent.”  Now, Dr. Martenson is out warning about a new kind of fraud that could leave you broke in the next financial disaster.  Dr. Martenson thinks financial trouble of Biblical proportions could be coming sooner than most people think.  Dr. Martenson is not worried about a brokerage going under, such as Lehman Brothers in the 2008.  Martenson is worried about the entire system melting down and says, “When the system freezes up, they get really scared.  If you are not a complete moron, you would make that system smaller because it scared you that much, but instead, they made it even bigger. . . . We not only have to worry about a brokerage going down, but we now have to worry about these clearing parties. . . . These are the houses that are supposed to be clearing all the trades with the derivatives and the loans. . . . The law says the brokerages have to hold your shares and bonds you have in a proportional amount.  They don’t hold them.  A higher company does that . . . . and you can’t peer into them.  It you want to see what Fidelity or Schwab has . . . . I found out you cannot see an audit trail.”

クリス・マーテンソン博士はデューク大学で病理学の博士号を取得し、未来学者であり、経済研究者でもある。 マーテンソン博士は、20218月にFDAがファイザー社のCV19ワクチン接種を承認したことについて、批難した数少ない科学者の一人である。 マーテンソン博士は「CV19ワクチンの承認は実は詐欺である」と公言した。 今、マーチンソン博士は、次の金融災害であなたを一文無しにするかもしれない新しい種類の詐欺について警告している。 マーチンソン博士は、聖書のような規模の金融危機が、多くの人が思っているよりも早くやってくるかもしれないと考えている。 マーチンソン博士は、2008年のリーマン・ブラザーズのような証券会社の破綻を心配しているのではない。 マーテンソン博士が心配しているのは、システム全体がメルトダウンすることだ。 もしあなたが完全な間抜けでないなら、それほど怖がるのだから、そのシステムを小さくするはずだ。. . 私たちは、証券会社がつぶれることを心配しなければならないだけでなく、このような清算当事者についても心配しなければならなくなった。. . . デリバティブやローンの取引をすべて清算することになっている会社だ。. . . 法律では、証券会社は株式や債券を比例配分で保有しなければならないことになっている。 彼らはそれらを保有していない。 より高い会社がそうしている。 あなたはフィデリティやシュワブが何を持っているかを見たい。監査証跡を見ることができないことがわかった」。

In a new market meltdown, Dr. Martenson sees chaos and gives a hypothetical example: “China attacks Taiwan, and there is a 10 sigma move in the bond market.  Oh no, all these derivatives have blown up.  These people are supposed to be winners, and these people are supposed to be all losers.  No, no, they don’t have any money for that stuff.  It’s too complicated.  I don’t think anybody understands how this works anymore.  I could not find anybody who could tell me the whole thing.  I could find people who knew bits and pieces, but they knew their slice. . . . I am trying to stitch this thing all together.  I get uncomfortable when I can’t answer the most basic questions, and that is how much risk is there in the system and where is it?”

新たな市場のメルトダウンにおいて、マーテンソン博士は混乱を見て、仮定の例を挙げる: 「中国が台湾を攻撃し、債券市場で10シグマの動きがあった。 中国が台湾を攻撃し、債券市場で10シグマの動きがあった。 中国が台湾を攻撃し、債券市場が10シグマ動いた。 いやいや、そんなことをする金はないんだ。 複雑すぎる。 もう誰もこの仕組みを理解していないと思う。 全部を教えてくれる人は誰もいなかった。 断片的に知っている人を見つけることはできたが、彼らは自分の切り口を知っていた。. . . 私はこのことをすべてつなぎ合わせようとしている。 最も基本的な質問に答えられないとき、私は不快になる。

In short, Dr. Martenson is worried about the whole financial system going down.  Dr. Martenson says, “Yes, I am worried about the whole system going down, and that leads to all sorts of speculation. . . . Imagine this, we wake up one day, and the markets are not open on Monday.  Oh no, glitch.  Problem.  Then, it’s two days and not open, three days not open.  People are getting worried.  Friday, and the markets are still not open.  Monday comes, and they say it’s a super big problem, and we don’t know how to resolve it. . . . They offer you 100% value today in a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) account or you can wait it out and hope it gets resolved, and it might take a decade.”

要するに、マーチンソン博士は金融システム全体が崩壊することを心配しているのだ。 マーテンソン博士は言う、「そう、私はシステム全体が崩壊することを心配している。. . . ある日目が覚めたら、月曜日は市場が開いていなかった。 いや、不具合だ。 問題だ。 そして、2日経っても開かず、3日経っても開かない。 人々は不安になる。 金曜日になっても市場は開いていない。 月曜日が来て、彼らは超大問題だと言う。. . . 中央銀行デジタル通貨(CBDC)口座で今日100%の価値を提供するか、解決されるのを待つか。

Dr. Martenson likes gold, silver, land and basically all (clear title) physical assets to protect you from “The Great Taking.”  Martenson has an upcoming seminar with “The Great Taking” author David Webb (and others) to help you to counter the theft that will surely come in the next financial meltdown.

In closing, Dr. Martenson says, “This has been a series of large amplitude blunders that keep getting bigger and bigger.  The Great Taking” is the framework built, that just in case all this colossal blundering blows up, Congress and Wall Street flips a coin and you get heads we win and tails you lose.  This is the oldest story in the book.”

マーチンソン博士は、「The Great Taking 」からあなたを守るために、金、銀、土地、そして基本的にすべての(明確な所有権のある)現物資産を好む。 マーテンソン氏は、次の金融メルトダウンで必ずやってくる盗難に対抗するために、「The Great Taking 」の著者、デビッド・ウェッブ氏(その他)とセミナーを開く予定だ。

マーチンソン博士は最後に、「この一連の大失態は、どんどん大きくなっている。 万が一、この大失態がすべて吹っ飛んだ場合に備えて、議会とウォール街がコインをひっくり返し、表が出れば我々の勝ち、裏が出ればあなたの負け、という枠組みを構築したのが『大いなる挑戦』だ。 これは本の中で最も古い話だ。

There is much more in the 38-minute interview.



The Great Taking | David Webb (tftc.io)

TFTC = Truth for the Commoner

Dec 18, 2023


David Webb, a former financial industry professional with a background in managing public equities and hedge funds, resides on a small farm near Stockholm, Sweden. Webb's experience spans critical financial events such as the Asian financial crisis and the dot-com bubble and bust. His book, "The Great Taking," exist to provide a deeper understanding of the financial system and its profound implications.

スウェーデンのストックホルム近郊の小さな農場に住む。ウェッブの経験は、アジア金融危機やドットコム・バブルとその崩壊といった重要な金融事象に及んでいる。彼の著書「The Great Taking」は、金融システムとその深遠な影響についてより深い理解を提供するために存在する。

Webb's unique insight into fund flows and the scale of money creation led to his realization of the Federal Reserve's significant influence on financial markets. At a time when such a notion was dismissed as conspiracy, Webb discovered that the Federal Reserve's creation of money occasionally equaled or exceeded 1% of the US GDP in a single week, a rate that outpaced economic growth and indicated a breakdown in the transmission of money creation into real economic activity.


He identified a critical factor: the velocity of money, or the rate at which money circulates through the economy, was collapsing. This condition resembled the era of the Great Depression and the world wars. Webb's study of historical financial collapses informed his financial strategies, allowing him to successfully navigate market turmoil and protect his clients.


With a personal history marked by the industrial collapse of Cleveland, Webb pursued finance and computer science to understand the forces that impacted his family and community. His early career took him through the financial firms of New York City, providing him with an intimate knowledge of the industry. Eventually, he transitioned to mergers and acquisitions and later to a leading private equity firm.


Webb's career highlights include managing a significant telephone company acquisition, yielding a record capital gain for the firm. However, the stress and demands of the job led to a reassessment of his life, eventually returning to Cleveland to seek a more balanced existence.


The insights Webb gained into the financial markets led him to recognize the dangers of the derivatives market's explosive growth. He foresaw the impending financial crisis, which was confirmed by the rapid expansion of asset-backed securities and the manipulation of the credit underwriting process.


Webb's discoveries about the changes in the legal treatment of securities ownership were alarming. The introduction of the concept of "security entitlements" transformed the nature of ownership, placing investors at risk during insolvencies. He noted the shift from personal property to a weaker contractual claim, the pooling of securities, and changes to bankruptcy laws that favored secured creditors.


Webb's journey to raise awareness about these financial intricacies included doorstep conversations and attempts to alert neighbors and communities. His prediction of large-scale insolvencies following the housing bubble, and his discussions with influential figures like George Soros, highlighted his continued efforts to expose vulnerabilities within the financial system.


Webb's extensive research into the history of securities law, the role of central securities depositories, and the mechanisms of the derivatives market reveal a disturbing trajectory. He argues that a controlled collapse is imminent, facilitated by changes in interest rates and legal structures designed to transfer collateral to the most powerful financial institutions.


The urgency of his message is underscored by the recent bank failures and the preparation for "solvent wind-down" of systemically important banks. Webb believes that the collapse of the financial system could be triggered at any moment, leading to the seizure of global securities and a reset that would place immense power in the hands of a few.


His vision for a better future involves public control of central banking, the simplification of the tax system, and legal opposition to the current financial constructs. As a call to action, Webb encourages individuals to eliminate debt, invest in tangible assets, and be prepared for economic challenges.


Webb's book, "The Great Taking," is available for free as a PDF at thegreattaking.com, with hard copies available for purchase. His aim is to spread awareness and knowledge globally, to stimulate legal challenges to the financial system, and to inspire action from all levels of society.

ウェッブの著書『The Great Taking』は、thegreattaking.comPDFとして無料で入手できる。彼の目的は、世界的に認識と知識を広め、金融システムに対する法的挑戦を刺激し、社会のあらゆるレベルからの行動を鼓舞することである。


The Great Taking - Documentary - YouTube [1:11:56 minute video]

682,481 views Nov 29, 2023

David Webb exposes the system Central Bankers have in place to take everything from everyone.



Viewer Comments:

I like how the author points out the lack of consciousness of the threat and how raising consciousness is a key part of the solution.


Now I REALLY understand "the love of money is the root of all evil" from the Bible even more.


As long as you have to pay taxes on your property, You will never own it.



My thoughts:

The “just for now, just for money, just for me” mentality is a social phenomenon that has been created by the media and the declined level of the education system, and I believe that it is impossible to intervene those who lack the ability to objectively analyze things around them. I have given up on trying to "wake up" the people in the US.




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The Deafness of Ritual - by clif high (substack.com)


The Deafness of Ritual


WTF? Did you see THAT?!? Oh, no, you didn't. X took it down!


By Clif High

MAY 29, 2024


The Deafness of Ritual


We start off in a village of Deaf People. They are a regular village in all respects excepting that the people are genetically cursed with deafness. They are well adjusted, have no contact really with any larger, hearing world, and don't understand that they are deaf. It just does not enter their thinking. They communicate by very expressive, sophisticated sign language. It is rich and full of nuance.


One day a few hearing people stop by the village. They stay for a few days. The Visitors are fascinated by the Locals. The Visitors try to aid the locals by pointing out that they are deaf.


The Locals are amused by the Visitors, though they think them to be quite mad. These visitors keep opening and closing their mouths in strange rhythm with each other and performing the most amazing gestures. The visitors were quite stupid though and did not appear to understand a single word in the village sign language.


Six of the visitors put on an incredible demonstration of psychic powers on the day that the group departed the village. In the center of the village square where everyone met for lunch, one of the male visitors set up a wine glass, empty upon a central table , then they all ran around directing everyone's attention to it. The Locals were bemused, and some were befuddled, and others annoyed at the interruption of their lunch. But then the most amazing thing happened. Five of the visitors all pointed at the wine glass while the long haired women visitor made strange mouth motions at it while raising both arms in that direction. Then the wine glass shattered completely without being touched. Everyone freaked out!


The astonishment of the Locals was quite clear. A gentle hum floated through the village as they were involuntarily vocalizing over the wonderment of this demonstration. Never before had the Locals seen such psychic powers demonstrated. A flurry of sign language erupted as the Locals demanded to know WTF, eh?


It did not aid the Locals one bit as the visitors were ignorant toads when it came to actually conversing with their hands. They could barely get across the idea of what they wanted at the diner without actually going up and touching the menu. So the Locals were left puzzling about this ever so brief, ever so dramatic, and ever so puzzling, display.

実際に手を使って会話することになると、訪問者たちは無知なヒキガエルだったので、地元の人々には何の役にも立たなかった 実際に手を動かして会話しなければ、食堂で何を食べたいかを伝えるのがやっとだった。だから地元の人々は、このあまりに短く、あまりに劇的で、あまりに不可解な展示に戸惑うばかりだった。

Then the visitors departed.


In the following years, the demonstration was discussed ad nauseam by the Locals. Books were written about it. Arguments about it were begun that persisted for years.


A group constituted themselves as the Guardians of the Miracle of the Wine Glass. A whole religion sprang up. The group of the religious adherents decide to replicate the Miracle. So they set out systematizing the whole thing. They get it down to the gnat's ass. They have the day, the time, the placement of the people involved. They have many duplicate wine glasses from different manufacturers as the original had become shrouded in mystery over the years. The idea arose to duplicate the demonstration as an observance of the Miracle.


So they set out to do it. They gather information to recreate it, and then things in the village when into chaos. There were disputes between various religious groups that diverged over the details of the historical reports of the demonstration.


The demonstration dominated village life for decades. The Village of the Deaf, evolving into a Nation of the Deaf, recreates, annually, the Demonstration. Always it craps out. No effect. But they persist. Time passes and many in the community come to see this as a meaningful ritual in their religion, and not, really, an attempt to learn to use psychic powers. This continues.


By now we are talking about a whole empire of Deaf People. Their central driving ethos revolves around this mysterious demonstration of psychic power by these 6 visitors. The number 6 is emblematic throughout the Deaf Empire. Their empire's internal power structure is dominated by the ritual recreation of the Miracle. Always it fails. Always there is a debate about why. The anniversary date is wrong; a different calendar. The wine glass is too tall, too short, too thick, or unused. The people chosen to represent the Visitors from the priesthood are too tall, too fat, too thin, too bald. The woman chosen to represent the Female visitor is too busty, has too big of hips. It's always something within the metrics of the ritual that is put to blame for it not producing the psychic effect of shattering the wine glass.


Back in our 'real' world, we recognize what is happening here. Your experience of this Matterium, individually, and collectively, forms your assumptions, and those can blind you.


Our problem is not that we, the people are invested in a ritual, it is that our 'leaders' are both Deaf, and that Dumb, and that invested.


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元空幕長の田母神俊雄氏が都知事選出馬を正式表明 「保守系都民が投票する人がいない」 - 産経ニュース (sankei.com)

元空幕長の田母神俊雄氏が都知事選出馬を正式表明 「保守系都民が投票する人がいない」

Toshio Tamogami, former chief of the Air Staff, officially announces his candidacy for Governor of Tokyo: “There is no one for conservative Tokyoites to vote for.”


2024/5/31 18:54


Toshio Tamogami, 75, former chief of staff of the Air Self-Defense Force, officially announced his intention to run as an independent candidate for the Tokyo gubernatorial election (to be held on June 20 and July 7) at a press conference held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office on June 31.



Tamogami said that he made the decision because he felt that there would be no one left-wing-leaning, normal conservative Tokyoites to vote for, given that Renho, 56, a member of the Upper House of the Rikken Democratic Party, has announced her candidacy and that the LDP is planning to forego fielding its own candidate.


In addition to building a disaster-resistant Tokyo by stockpiling water and food, and aiming to reduce taxes on Tokyo residents, he also expressed his intention to review a metropolitan ordinance requiring the installation of solar panels on new detached houses.


Tamogami ran unsuccessfully for the Tokyo Metropolitan Governor's Election in February 2014. He was convicted of violating the Public Election Law (bribery) by paying compensation to campaign workers.


Governor Yuriko Koike, 71, has announced her intention to run for governor of Tokyo in a three-way race, while Mayor Shinji Ishimaru, 41, of Akitakada City, Hiroshima Prefecture, and TV personality Kuniaki Shimizu, 73, have also announced their candidacies.


田母神俊雄「米国は日中戦争に参戦できない」(『維新と興亜』第15号、令和41028日発売) | 『維新と興亜』 (ishintokoua.com) 

015_tamogami.jpg (6992×4961) (ishintokoua.com)



Why the U.S. Cannot Enter the War in Ukraine



What problems do you see with the current defense policy that relies on the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty?
田母神 いま日本では「自分の国は自分で守る」という体制ができていません。歴代政権は、「自分の国は自分で守る」と口では言ってきましたが、実際にその方向に動いたことはないのです。

Tamogami: Today in Japan, we do not have a system to “protect our country by ourselves. Successive administrations have said “I will protect my country by myself,” but they have never actually moved in that direction.

Under the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty, we have continued to have the U.S. protect us in the event of an emergency, but will the U.S. really protect Japan? This time, Russia, a nuclear-armed country, invaded Ukraine, a non-nuclear-armed country. However, it became clear that even the US, a nuclear-armed country, could not help Ukraine by participating in the fighting. Of course, the fact that Ukraine and the U.S. are not allies had an impact, but even if they had been allies, the result would have been the same.

If the U.S. were to participate in a war in which President Putin threatens to use nuclear weapons if necessary, there is a danger that if the fighting escalates, nuclear weapons could be fired at each other. It is precisely because of this danger that President Biden said from the outset that he would not participate in the war. In other words, Russia's nuclear weapons are deterring the U.S. from participating in the war in Ukraine.

Applying this to Japan, if China, a nuclear-armed nation, invades Japan, a non-nuclear-armed nation, the probability that the United States, a nuclear-armed nation, will join and fight in a war between China and Japan is almost zero. This was made clear by the recent war in Ukraine. In other words, now is the time for Japan to be prepared to fight on its own and steer a major course in the direction of independent defense.
 日本では「国家の自立とは軍の自立である」ということが十分に理解されていません。 国家の自立と軍の自立はほぼ同意語です。つまり、どんなに「日本は自立すべきである」と叫んだところで、軍事的に自立しなければ、それは掛け声だけで終わってしまうということです。

In Japan, it is not fully understood that “national self-reliance is military self-reliance. National self-reliance and military self-reliance are almost synonymous. In other words, no matter how much we shout “Japan should be self-reliant,” if Japan is not militarily self-reliant, it will end up being nothing more than a rallying cry.

 Japan needs to become independent as a nation and reconnect with the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty on an equal footing. The current Japan-U.S. Security Treaty regime is a system of subordination to the United States.

 Without independence as a nation, it is impossible to adopt proactive economic policies. The end result is that we will be forced to follow the policies demanded by the U.S., with consequences that will damage our national interests.

Also, behind President Biden's statement that he would not participate in a war in Ukraine, there may be a background that the U.S. wanted a war in Ukraine to happen. If Russia invades, the U.S. military industry will make money by supporting Ukraine. International politics is black-hearted.
田母神 米空軍の横田基地の出先機関に自衛隊の航空総隊司令部が入り、米海軍の横須賀基地の出先機関に海上自衛隊の自衛艦隊司令部が入り、アメリカのレギュレーションによってコントロールを受けている状況は、決して独立国の姿ではないと思います。

What do you think about the current situation where the headquarters of the Self-Defense Forces and the headquarters of the U.S. Forces in Japan are located in the same place?

Tamogami: I think that the situation in which the Self-Defense Forces' Air Defense Command is in the outpost of the U.S. Air Force's Yokota Air Base, and the Maritime Self-Defense Force's Self Defense Fleet Command is in the outpost of the U.S. Navy's Yokosuka Air Base, and is controlled by the regulations of the United States is not the image of an independent country.

Unfortunately, however, the Self-Defense Forces alone cannot protect Japan today. If the U.S. military withdraws immediately, there is a possibility that it will be locked up by China and other nations. Therefore, I believe that Japan should first strengthen its military power and establish a system that can fight on its own, and then switch from the constant stationing of U.S. forces to a contingency station. 


The opportunity to convince the U.S. for “Japan's nuclearization”


Is nuclear armament necessary to establish Japan's independent defense?
田母神 日本が核武装することによって、日本の安全性は向上すると思います。日本人には核に対するアレルギーが強く、左派と言われる人たちは日本の核武装には絶対反対の立場をとっています。しかし、核兵器は使用する兵器ではなく、戦争を抑止するための兵器です。ある国家が、ひとたび核兵器を保有すれば、その国家に対する攻撃はできなくなります。

Tamogami: I believe that Japan's safety will be enhanced if Japan becomes nuclear-armed. Japanese people have a strong allergy to nuclear weapons, and those who are considered leftists are absolutely opposed to nuclear armament of Japan. However, nuclear weapons are not weapons to be used, but to deter war. Once a nation possesses nuclear weapons, it cannot be attacked.

The U.S. attacked Iraq because “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction,” but in fact the U.S. was able to attack Iraq because it knew that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction. In contrast, what about North Korea? It would not be that difficult for the U.S. to subdue North Korea militarily, but North Korea is a maverick and might use nuclear weapons against the U.S. No matter how ineffective North Korea's nuclear weapons are, there is no chance that North Korea could launch a nuclear attack on New York or Washington and hit them. The U.S. would not be able to launch an attack against North Korea if there is even the slightest chance of that happening. In other words, if Japan goes nuclear, it will be more difficult to launch a military attack against Japan.

Nuclear weapons have diplomatic as well as military significance. The diplomatic bargaining power of a nuclear-armed nation differs greatly from that of a non-nuclear-armed nation. Diplomatic power will not be enhanced unless a country, backed by its military power, shows its attitude of “If you are talking nonsense, Japan will not tolerate.”

田母神俊雄 - Wikipedia

田母神 俊雄(たもがみ としお、1948〈昭和23年〉722 - )は、日本航空自衛官軍事評論家[1][2]政治活動家。第38航空総隊司令官、第29航空幕僚長。最終階級は航空幕僚長たる空将空軍大将相当)。



Toshio Tamogami - Wikipedia 

General Toshio Tamogami (田母神 俊雄Tamogami Toshio, born July 22, 1948)[1] is a Japanese Air Self-Defense Force career military officer. He served as the Chief of Staff of Japan's Air Self-Defense Force from March 2007 until October 2008.[citation needed] Tamogami turned to politics in 2014 as a candidate for governor of Tokyo and for the House of Representatives; he was arrested in April 2016 for alleged violations of campaign finance laws (illegal payments to supporters) in relation to his gubernatorial campaign.[2]

He has been described as a "champion of Japan's right wing". He denies that women were forced by the Empire of Japan into sex work as "comfort women" and that the Nanjing Massacre occurred.[3][4][5] 

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General Tamogami is running for Govenor of Tokyo, but he should be running for the next Japanese Prime Minister instead.

He will work for Japan's independence and Japanese people based on what I have learned which neither the US Deep State nor China want because Rothschild is pulling the strings from behind.

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守山市 まちづくり会社 ㈱みらいもりやま21:田母神俊雄氏「日本の安全保障」 (shiga-saku.net)

2010年 12月7日


Toshio Tamogami, “Japan's Security”

My name is Ishigami, and I attended a lecture by former Chief of Air Staff Toshio Tamogami at Biwako Hotel in Otsu City on Sunday, December 5, from 1:30 p.m.

Mr. Tamogami was removed from his post in 2008 after his work (a.k.a. Tamogami's thesis), which he submitted to a private prize essay contest, became controversial. Since his retirement from office, he has been sought after for his outspoken opinions, and is in great demand for his lectures. According to some estimates, his annual income is in the hundreds of millions of dollars, so he is an amazing man. Since he has risen to the position of Chief of Staff, there is no doubt that his actions are based on precise calculations, and not just his words based on momentum.

I know this is a square expression,

I believe that “community development cannot be achieved without the love of one's hometown.

I believe that “town development cannot be achieved without patriotism (love for one's hometown).

I also believe that “patriotism cannot be nurtured in those who do not have patriotism.

Love your country, love your hometown, love your parents and friends.

I believe that there is something wrong with the country of Japan today, where people are ashamed to profess such natural sentiments.
There may be two sides to Tamogami, but after listening to him speak, I am convinced that he is a man who loves and cares about his country.
Historical awareness and war are very sensitive subjects.

However, that is why it is important and we should not turn away from it.

It is a matter of course that two sides of the same coin, the same facts, can look different depending on who is looking at them.

It is natural that perceptions differ between nations and ethnic groups, since this is true even among family and friends.
There is no point in arguing about what is right or wrong.

However, I do not believe that everything that is reported on TV, in newspapers, or in textbooks is true.



The following is a reproduction of Mr. Tamogami's speech as faithfully as possible without any personal feelings. The figures in parentheses ( ) are my annotations.

Please read only if you are interested. If you are offended, please do not read it.

It is not my thought but Mr. Tamogami's thought. I do not accept any complaints.

Hello, everyone.

I am Tamogami, a dangerous man.

I was at the top of the violence apparatus.

I am a very good person.

And yet I was fired for saying, 'Japan is a good country.'”

(The audience laughed out loud. (The audience laughed out loud, and Kimimaro was amazed at the wonderful grip he had on the audience.)

(Information Warfare)
Something is wrong with Japanese politics these days.

It lacks the perspective of “protecting the nation.

It is not that all the world will become rich.

In fact, there is a struggle among nations for limited resources.
The East China Sea (which Japan effectively controls) is a “fraternal sea”?

Are you going to give it to other countries?

Friendship” is what you use when you are trying to get back ‘Takeshima’ effectively controlled by Korea and ‘the four northern islands’ effectively controlled by Russia.
After the war, Japan was occupied by the United States.

There, the U.S. forced the enactment of a constitution.

The politicians who had a heart were in tears and regretted it.

The goal of the LDP at that time was to establish an independent Constitution.

It is clearly written in the LDP platform.
This was followed by the first Cold War between East and West in human history.

The U.S. needed to develop Japan geopolitically and economically in order to contain the Soviet Union, and Japan became so rich under the aegis of the U.S.

Politicians gave up on the idea of an independent constitution, saying that it was fine now that Japan had become rich.
The Cold War between East and West is over, and its strains are beginning to occur.
Here and there, falsehoods and lies abound.

One of the major ones is the false historical perception that “Japan = bad country.
Currently, any foreigner can buy land in Japan.

As deflation continues, landowners are selling more and more land that Japanese are not buying to foreigners.

If there is no regulation by law, things will go wrong.
The same goes for the foreign carrot government.

There are already more than 500,000 Chinese in the country.

We should think about local cities with populations in the tens of thousands.

If the law allows for a foreign carrot government, the country will be legally taken over by China.
Is it acceptable to be like the city of Richmond, Canada (where according to 2001 statistics, the percentage of overseas Chinese and Chinese Chinese residents is approximately 40% of the city's population), where it is hard to tell whether the city is Canadian or Chinese?

Are you familiar with the Japan-China Press Exchange Agreement that was created in the early 1960s?

(*I am ashamed to say that this is the first time I have heard of it. Here is an excerpt from the wiki

The existence of the agreement itself has led to criticism that correct reporting on China is not being done and that only propaganda convenient to the Chinese Communist Party is being reported.)
The report that is unfavorable to China is x

The Taiwanese National Government is not recognized as the legitimate government.

The government should abolish this kind of thing, and the government must fight against it.
Instead of abolishing these things, more and more bills are being created that will destroy Japan from within.
According to the recently enacted law on nationality,

Under the recently enacted nationality law, “a child of a foreign woman can obtain Japanese nationality as long as the Japanese man acknowledges the child.

If someone is paid to recognize a child, it may cause the child to grow up and become an agent.
An outrageous bill called the “Basic Foreign Resident Bill” is also being considered.

This bill would allow illegal immigrants and illegal residents to have the same rights as Japanese nationals if they stay in Japan for five years.

Shouldn't there be more laws to protect Japan?
The recent physical attack on the Senkaku Islands would not happen in any other country.

Japan has been completely underestimated.

The reason is that the SDF cannot use weapons.

The SDF should have military power.

Some people claim that if the SDF has military power, it will start a war of aggression, but SDF personnel do not have that much time on their hands.

They have to play golf next Sunday.
The US wants to keep its influence over Japan.

Therefore, it is desirable for Japan to remain dependent on the U.S. for defense.
We are no longer in an era of military wars.

In 1991, the US revised its strategic plan,

In 1991, the U.S. revised its strategic plan and declared, “From now on, we must deal not with the military threat of the Soviet Union, but with the economic threat of Japan and Germany.
In the 1980s, Japan was so highly regarded around the world that it was described as “Japan as number one.

(*“Japan as Number One” is a 1979 book by sociologist Ezra Vogel. According to the book, “The total daily reading time of Japanese people is twice that of Americans, and the strong involvement of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Ministry of Finance (MOF) in leading the economy, which are excellent, have contributed to Japan's competitive edge. (The recent trend among young people away from reading and politicians who loudly cry for political leadership but in reality can do nothing about it are venerable problems.)
This assessment ultimately led to the Plaza Accord of 1985 to induce the yen to appreciate.
In 1993, the Miyazawa-Clinton talks took place, and it was agreed that the U.S. and Japan would exchange structural reform demands once a year.

This is an arrangement whereby the U.S. and Japan exchange each other's demands annually.

It is clear that the demands from the U.S. are specific (e.g., NTT split-up, detection of bid-rigging, etc.), while the demands from Japan are too vague and too gentle.

Moreover, all the demands from the U.S. (including the absurd ones) have been realized in less than a few years.
In the 20 years since the end of the Cold War, the world's GDP has doubled, yet Japan's GDP has remained flat. This shows that Japan has become a complete loser in the economic war, having fallen into the good graces of the US.

For example, regarding the “collusion” discussed above....

Although it is now completely associated with the image of “evil,” it has some advantages, such as “no one falls out and you can rest assured. It is a disadvantage that it is difficult for new entrants to enter the market, but it can also be an advantage.

Competitive bidding” is not completely ‘good,’ but both have their advantages and disadvantages.

There is no need to conform to the U.S. in everything.

No other country in the world is as perfectly aligned with the US as Japan.

We have developed an obsession with conforming to global standards.

And we have been talking about reform for 20 years.

This is a kind of disease called reform syndrome.

They are slowly destroying the Japanese system by creating laws that make it harder for companies to operate.
For example, when a company is recruiting personnel, it is forbidden to say, “We are looking for men,

You can't say you are recruiting men.

Do not ask what the father does for a living.

And finally...

You can't even ask where he lives.

And even the minimum wage is set. It's none of your business.

Japanese managers are thinking about the lives of their employees.

They should give them enough salary to live on.
If they set a minimum wage, they will not be able to ask an auntie to take care of the tobacco shop for a few minutes. (This will deprive them of employment opportunities.)

800 yen an hour (the amount being discussed as the minimum wage) is too high in a local city.
In this way, many things are becoming more difficult to do.

The Japanese community is being destroyed.

The most obvious example of this is the separate surname system for married couples.

If this situation continues, it will become incomprehensible that “Mr. Saito's wife is Mrs. Tanaka and their child is Mr. Suzuki. Since ancient times, when a parent died, the eldest child took over the reigns of the family and took care of the remaining single parent.

Only a woman who has never been loved by a man would be happy to have a separate family name.

Even my own wife was happy to have the same last name as mine when we were first married.

The only countries in the world where separate surnames for married couples are established are those where the percentage of children, as a whole, of both men and women outside the couple exceeds 30%.

This system is not appropriate for countries like Japan, where the number of children born outside the couple is less than 2%.

The 2DK rooms that were created in large numbers during Japan's period of rapid economic growth were designed to destroy the Japanese family system.
If this trend continues, even the family registration system will probably disappear.

This is not the time to be making human rights protection bills only for those who want to destroy Japan.

(Military Power)
A balance of military power is absolutely necessary for peace.

Diplomatic negotiations are not possible without military power.
“If you keep talking nonsense, I will beat you up! That is what negotiation is all about.
What is Japan doing now?

If you keep talking nonsense, I'll talk to you!”

Japan has been disarming China, which has been expanding its military for 20 years.

Japan has been disarming its military while China has been expanding its military for 20 years.

Instead of spending 5 trillion yen on child allowance,

Instead of spending 5 trillion yen on child allowance, Japan should increase the number of Japan Self-Defense Forces personnel by 100,000, which would also be a measure for employment, and

One trillion yen is enough to make up for the loss.

The U.S. does not want that to happen, so it is lobbying for it.
Missiles and nuclear weapons are not tools of war. They are used for political intimidation.

Even if North Korea launches two or three missiles at the same time, Japan's Aegis pac-3 can surely knock them down.

There is no way that they would launch 20 to 30 missiles at the same time (nor do we expect them to do so).
What is the US's intention?

Japan cannot increase its offensive capability => Japan cannot get out of its dependence on the U.S. => The U.S. will be enriched.
Japanese politicians are,

So that China will not complain about us.

so that the U.S. will love us more.”

That is all they think about.

They are all pro-China and conservative (pro-America).

There are very few pro-Japan groups.
Japan is the only country in the world that says, “It is safer not to have nuclear weapons.

History and the world at large show that the stronger the nation, the safer it is.
China and India

China and Russia

Look at India and Pakistan.
These countries, which had been at war repeatedly, have stopped war since they became nuclear-armed.

Nuclear deterrence is a balance of power.

It is often said that nuclear weapons are not first-strike weapons.

There are no winners in nuclear war. If you are hit, you are finished.

In other words, the world understands that nuclear weapons are defensive weapons.
Japan is the only country in the world to have suffered a nuclear bombing. That is why,

We have the right to arm ourselves with nuclear weapons!

We have the right to be armed with nuclear weapons!

And, if other countries say to us

Please don't do it!”

Please don't do it!

Then give me something!”

Then give me something. That is what negotiations are all about.
The nuclear weapon states are unquestionably the driving force in international politics today.
We should not be happy about President Obama's declaration of nuclear abolition in Prague in April.

Don't seriously think that the nuclear powers will abandon their nuclear weapons.

They just don't want more nuclear powers.
They say that if terrorists get their hands on them, they are not something that terrorists can handle.

It is not something that you can just throw in your pocket.
Everything is being done by the information war.

The annual A-bomb memorial service in Hiroshima.

Few A-bomb survivors or local residents participate in the festival.

Most of them are all leftists who have gathered from all over the country for a daily allowance.

The evidence of this was that they were all leaning their bodies to the left.
The largest conservative demonstration after the war took place at Hibiya Public Hall on October 2 this year.

It was held under the ban on violence and vandalism only.

Despite the fact that more than 3,000 people participated, the Japanese media did not report this fact at all.

The Japanese media never reported this fact, despite the fact that over 3,000 people participated in the demonstration.
It is necessary for Japan to stand in Japan's shoes.

The U.S. occupation policy aimed to weaken Japan.

It is a big mistake to feel secure in the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty.

It does not guarantee that if Japan is attacked, the U.S. will fight back.

It would require a presidential order, and two months later, if Congress rejects the order, it would be over. And that is extremely likely.

In other words, the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty is of no use.

You have to protect your own country by yourself.
In 2020, China plans to complete two aircraft carriers.

With China's current capabilities, it is nearly impossible to attack the mainland of Okinawa, but it will be possible once the aircraft carriers are built.

Japan also needs to have an aircraft carrier to achieve a balance.
After the end of World War II, a bad censorship system was created by the US.
The press was forbidden to write anything bad about the United States.
The U.S., which advocates “justice is strength,” cannot deny that the use of atomic bombs and the killing of innocent people are more serious violations of international law and war crimes than the attack on the hospital ship and the use of poison gas.

In September 1945, the Asahi Shimbun published a statement by Ichiro Hatoyama.

Immediately afterwards, the Asahi Shimbun was severely punished with a “48-hour suspension of publication” from September 18, and since then, the Asahi Shimbun has completely changed its mind and become quiet.

In addition, the U.S. has been burning more than 1,000 books.

This is the suppression of speech and the erasure of history by the United States.

(*Under international law, both censorship and book burning are prohibited.)


Japan built schools, bridges, dams, and roads in Korea and Manchuria in the early 20th century.

Japan invested in Korea and Manchuria, not exploited them. It was not a colony.

The proof of this is that Kinsogon, a Korean, even became a general in the Imperial Army.

(This shows that Japan did not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity.)

Also, His Royal Highness Prince Rigin of the Yi Dynasty came to Japan at the age of 10 as a kind of hostage, but he attended Gakushuin, as did the Japanese imperial family, and received a wife from the Japanese imperial family. He eventually became a lieutenant general in the army.

established Kyungsung Imperial University in Seoul in 1924 and Taipei Imperial University in Taipei in 1928.

This was prior to the establishment of Osaka Imperial University in 1931.

Provide equal educational opportunities.

This is the proof that this is the opposite of the white nation's foolishness policy.

Do you know about the Asia-Africa (Bandung) Conference held in Bandung, Indonesia in 1955, which was proposed by President Sukarno and others?
The conference was an appeal for unity and independence (most of the participating countries became independent after the war) among the colored nations of Asia and Africa.

Here, the participating countries praised Japan's Minister for Foreign Affairs Shunichi Kase, saying, “Japan has sacrificed so much.

If Japan had not sacrificed so much to fight, we would still be a colony of Britain, France, and the Netherlands.

(*From “Showa no Senso Kinenkan Vol. 5,” by Futaranosuke Nagoshi, published by Ten-Tensha.
At that time, Japan and Thailand were the only independent nations in Asia.

The “colonization of the entire world” by the white nations was underway.

Although Japan was defeated in the end, it made rapid progress at the beginning of the Pacific War.

This gave courage to the Asian nations and led to their independence after the war, and a world of racial equality arrived.

At that point, Japan had no choice but to “not fight.

We are here today thanks to the tens of thousands of heroes who fought for us at that time.
We must regain a correct understanding of history.
年 北清事変(義和団の乱)があり、1901年に日本は国際社会から認められて、中国に駐留軍を初めて置いた。
In 1900, there was the Beiqing Incident (Uprising), and in 1901, Japan was recognized by the international community as the first country to station troops in China.
年 ロシア革命により、コミンテルンの台頭。シナ大陸の共産化が始まる。
1917 The Russian Revolution leads to the rise of the Comintern. Communization of mainland China begins.
1212日 西安事件により、親日派であった蒋介石が監禁→国共合作に転換。背後には、中国(国民党+共産党)と日本を戦わせ、日本を疲弊化させようとするコミンテルンの思惑がある。
December 12, 1936: The Xi'an Incident leads to the incarceration of Chiang Kai-shek, who had been pro-Japanese, and his conversion to a national-communist alliance. Behind this is the Comintern's desire to pit Japan against China (KMT + Communist Party) and to exhaust Japan.
77日 盧溝橋事件・・・突然、中国軍から、日本軍への発砲があった。日本は応戦せず夜明けを待ったが、翌朝になっても銃撃が続くため、やむを得ず応戦した。411日に停戦したが、その後も中国側からのテロ(不法)行為は続いた。
July 7, 1937: The Russo Bridge Incident...Suddenly, Chinese troops opened fire on Japanese troops. Japan does not return fire and waits for dawn, but when the shooting continues into the next morning, they are forced to return fire.
729日 通州事件・・・約3,000名の中国人部隊により、日本人居留民230名が虐殺された事件。その殺害方法が、生首を落とされたり、腸を取りだされたり、あまりにも残虐であり、当時、日本国内の新聞各社が書きたて大騒ぎとなった。(※戦後、この事実は闇に葬り去られています)
July 29, 1937 Tongzhou Incident: 230 Japanese residents were massacred by 3,000 Chinese troops. The method of killing was so brutal that it was reported by newspapers in Japan at the time and caused a great uproar. (*After the war, this fact was buried in the dark.)
1213日 南京陥落 ここで30万人の虐殺があったとされる。当時、南京は国際都市で、世界各国の大使館通信社が置かれていた。どこもが、その件の報告を行っていない。それだけの虐殺が行われて、報告がないはずがない。
December 13, 1937: Fall of Nanjing It is said that 300,000 people were massacred here. At the time, Nanjing was an international city, with embassies and news agencies from all over the world. None of them reported on the matter. How could a massacre of that magnitude take place and go unreported?
The Comintern,

later succeeded in communizing China in 1949.

In fact, Harry Dexter White, the White House Assistant Secretary of the Treasury who wrote the Hull Note that triggered the Pacific War, was also a Comintern spy.

Don't be naive, Japan!)
The world is scheming.

The prime minister must declare that he is prepared to fight.

If he does so, his subordinates will follow him.

We must never compromise on our national and historical views.

We must never compromise on our national and historical views.


History is made by the victorious nation.

Someday, somewhere, we must regain a correct understanding of history.

Naturally, we must be able to decide for ourselves.

For this, we need a strong prime minister (=leader).


To weaken Japan, the bureaucracy must be beaten.

Things have gone wrong since they started saying “political leadership.

Public works are not evil.

Public works are necessary in a recession like this.

This is an information war (manipulation) being waged.

As the yen continues to appreciate, more and more domestic manufacturers will leave the country.

If this happens, jobs will be created only in foreign countries.

Right now, the employment rate for university graduates is 57%.


In this time of deflation, the economy will not recover if we are eliminating waste, reforming, and improving efficiency.


Business sorting -> What happens when you float 1 trillion yen at a cost of 1 trillion yen?

Now we need waste like public works.

Manufacturing facilities all over the country have been wasting.

Some people say, “What if Japan goes bankrupt like Greece?

The ratio of government bonds held domestically in Japan is over 90%, compared to less than 30% in Greece.


The recent Senkaku issue.

Under international law, there was no problem at all in sinking that fishing boat.

It was legal and will never lead to war.

In fact, 2,000 vessels and 20,000 people have been captured and arrested in South Korean territorial waters, and China has paid a large amount of reparations to South Korea.

Medvedev, too.

Japan is being underestimated. (sabotaged)


(One last comment.) “I really couldn't say what I really wanted to say today.”

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Claudia Sheinbaum elected president of Mexico, breaking barriers as woman and Jew - Jewish Telegraphic Agency (jta.org)

Claudia Sheinbaum elected president of Mexico, breaking barriers as woman and Jew



Claudia Sheinbaum swept to victory in Mexico’s presidential election Sunday, giving the country of more than 120 million a woman leader and a Jewish leader for the first time.

Sheinbaum’s election makes Mexico by far the biggest country to have a Jewish head of state. Only Israel (9.5 million) and Ukraine (38 million) currently have Jewish leaders.

Sheinbaum’s Jewish ties are centered mostly on her family story — her grandparents came to Mexico after fleeing persecution in Europe — and local Jews say she is not involved in Mexico’s Jewish community today. Still, her election marks a departure in a country where the overwhelming majority of people identify as Catholic. She faced some antisemitism on the campaign trail when her detractors characterized her as not fully Mexican.

A climate scientist and former mayor of Mexico City, Sheinbaum, 61, campaigned on a promise to continue the liberal policies of her political mentor, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexico’s popular outgoing president. The preliminary vote total showed her winning nearly 60% of votes, more than twice as much as the first runner-up, who conceded.

For the first time in 200 years of the republic, I will become the first female president of Mexico,” Sheinbaum said in a speech delivered early Monday in Mexico City. “And as I have said on other occasions, I do not arrive alone. We all arrived, with our heroines who gave us our homeland, with our ancestors, our mothers, our daughters and our granddaughters.”


Climate Scientist?

NOW Mexico is the WEF

Too bad for people like Max Igan and Daniel Estulin.

There was NO WAY I was going to Mexico even though no requirement was placed for entering Mexico during the lockdown; they wanted to trap unsuspecting people who were fleeing the West, namely the US, Canada and Australia.

Now Mexico is NOT going to be so easy going, and the cost of living has been steadily rising, haven’t you noticed?

The Mexicans who lived in the neighborhood where I lived for 23 years in California threw rocks at my house simply because I was Asian female whom they regarded as “CHANGA”, female monkey.

I came to know Mexicans to have really thick scull with flat occipital bone through living besides them as their neighbor for 23 years. I used to watch them do the Aztec pow wow in the feather outfits, taking about the F*ing"la laza"!


Besides, the water in Mexico is really bad.

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