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Pfizer court case, Kansas - YouTube [13:02 minute video]

Pfizer said its COVID-19 vaccine was safe even though it knew its COVID-19 vaccine was connected to serious adverse events, including myocarditis and pericarditis, failed pregnancies, and deaths. Pfizer concealed this critical safety information from the public. Pfizer said its COVID-19 vaccine was effective even though it knew its COVID- 19 vaccine waned over time and did not protect against COVID-19 variants. Pfizer concealed this critical effectiveness information from the public. Pfizer said its COVID-19 vaccine would prevent transmission of COVID-19 even though it knew it never studied the effect of its vaccine on transmission of COVID-19. To keep the public from learning the truth, Pfizer worked to censor speech on social media that questioned Pfizer’s claims about its COVID-19 vaccine. Pfizer’s misrepresentations of a “safe and effective” vaccine resulted in record company revenue of approximately $75 billion from COVID-19 vaccine sales in just two years. Pfizer’s actions and statements relating to its COVID-19 vaccine violated previous consent judgments with the State of Kansas. Pfizer’s actions and statements relating to its COVID-19 vaccine violated the Kansas Consumer Protection Act Pfizer must be held accountable for falsely representing the benefits of its COVID- 19 vaccine while concealing and suppressing the truth about its vaccine’s safety risks, waning effectiveness, and inability to prevent transmission. 28. Millions of Kansans heard Pfizer’s misrepresentations about its COVID-19 vaccine. 29. In May 2021, Pfizer advertised to Kansans on Facebook about its “life-saving vaccines” and its “cures.” 30. Pfizer took advantage of Kansans’ fear of COVID-19 and desire for safety by offering a “safe and effective” COVID-19 vaccine, while concealing, suppressing, and omitting material information that undermined its safety and effectiveness claims. in Kansas. B. Pfizer used confidentiality agreements to conceal critical data relating to the safety and effectiveness of its COVID-19 vaccine. 57. Pfizer has kept data hidden through confidentiality agreements with governments around the world. C. Pfizer used an extended study timeline to conceal critical data relating to the safety and effectiveness of its COVID-19 vaccine. 65. Scientists were outraged that they still could not review Pfizer’s COVID-19 study data. “Pfizer’s pivotal COVID vaccine trial was funded by the company and designed, run, analysed, and authored by Pfizer employees. The company and the contract research organisations that carried out the trial hold all the data.” D. Pfizer used FOIA denial and delay to conceal critical data relating to the safety and effectiveness of its COVID-19 vaccine. E. Pfizer destroyed the vaccine control group, which will conceal critical data relating to the safety and effectiveness of its COVID-19 vaccine. 86. Pfizer planned to follow COVID-19 vaccine study participants, both vaccine and placebo recipients, for 24 months to monitor the safety and effectiveness of its vaccine. 87. Once the FDA approved Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine through an emergency use authorization in December 2020, Pfizer unblinded the study participants and offered vaccine placebo recipients the option to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. 88. Of the 21,921 vaccine trial participants who received the placebo, more than 20,000 placebo participants decided to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine as of March 13, 2021.

ファイザー社は、COVID-19ワクチンが重篤な有害事象に関連していることを知っていたにもかかわらず、同社のCOVID-19ワクチンは安全であると発表した、心筋炎や心膜炎、妊娠の失敗、死亡などである。ファイザー社はこの重大な安全性情報を一般大衆から隠していたのである。ファイザー社は、COVID-19ワクチンが時間の経過とともに衰え、COVID-19の亜種を防げないことを知っていたにもかかわらず、COVID-19ワクチンは有効であると述べた。ファイザー社はこの重要な有効性情報を一般大衆から隠した。ファイザー社は、COVID-19の感染に対する自社のワクチンの効果を調査したことがないことを知っていたにもかかわらず、自社のCOVID-19ワクチンはCOVID-19の感染を防ぐと言った。一般大衆に真実を知らせないために、ファイザー社はCOVID-19ワクチンに関するファイザー社の主張に疑問を呈するソーシャルメディア上の言論を検閲することに努めた。安全で効果的」なワクチンというファイザーの虚偽表示は、わずか2年間でCOVID-19ワクチンの売上から約750億ドルという記録的な会社の収益をもたらした。COVID-19ワクチンに関するファイザーの行動と声明は、カンザス州との過去の同意判決に違反した。COVID-19ワクチンに関するファイザー社の行動および声明は、カンザス州消費者保護法に違反した。ファイザー社はCOVID-19ワクチンの利点を虚偽に表現する一方で、そのワクチンの安全性リスク、有効性の低下、および感染を予防できないことについての真実を隠蔽し、抑圧した責任を負わなければならない。28. 何百万人ものカンザス州民が、COVID-19ワクチンに関するファイザー社の虚偽説明を聞いた。29. 20215月、ファイザーはフェイスブックでカンザス州民に「命を救うワクチン」とその「治療法」について宣伝した。30. ファイザーは、「安全で効果的」なCOVID-19ワクチンを提供する一方で、その安全性と有効性の主張を損なう重要な情報を隠し、抑制し、省略することで、カンザス州の人々のCOVID-19に対する恐怖と安全性への欲求を利用した。カンザス州にて。B. ファイザー社は秘密保持契約を利用してCOVID-19ワクチンの安全性と有効性に関する重要なデータを隠蔽した。57. ファイザー社は、世界中の政府と機密保持契約を結び、データを隠し続けてきた。C. C.ファイザー社は、COVID-19ワクチンの安全性と有効性に関する重要なデータを隠すために、研究期間を延長した。65. 科学者たちは、ファイザー社のCOVID-19試験データをいまだに確認できないことに憤慨した。「ファイザーの重要なCOVIDワクチン臨床試験は、同社が資金を提供し、同社が設計し、実施し、分析し、執筆したものである、ファイザーの極めて重要なCOVIDワクチン試験は、同社によって資金提供され、ファイザーの従業員によって設計され、実施され、分析され、執筆された。同社と試験を実施した委託研究機関がすべてのデータを保有している。"D. ファイザー社は情報公開の拒否と遅延を利用して、COVID-19ワクチンの安全性と有効性に関する重要なデータを隠蔽した。E. ファイザー社はワクチン対照群を破壊し、同社のCOVID-19ワクチンの安全性と有効性に関する重要なデータを隠蔽する。86. ファイザー社はCOVID-19ワクチンの安全性と有効性をモニターするため、ワクチンとプラセボを投与されたCOVID-19ワクチン試験参加者を24カ月間追跡調査する予定であった。87. FDA202012月にファイザーのCOVID-19ワクチンを緊急使用承認すると、ファイザーは試験参加者の盲検化を解除し、ワクチンのプラセボ受領者にファイザーのCOVID-19ワクチンを接種する選択肢を提供した。88. プラセボを受けたワクチン試験参加者21,921人のうち、2021313日の時点で20,000人以上のプラセボ参加者がファイザーCOVID-19ワクチンの接種を決定した。

Placebo = 擬似薬

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コロナワクチン原薬を製造 県内初の工場、南相馬市に完成 福島 | TBS NEWS DIG

コロナワクチン原薬を製造 県内初の工場、南相馬市に完成 福島

2023年8月3日(木) 17:48





The first factory in Fukushima Prefecture to produce a drug that will be used as the basis for a vaccine against the new coronavirus has been completed in Minamisoma City.

The plant completed in Minamisoma is the plant of Alcalis, a pharmaceutical manufacturing company headquartered in Chiba. The new coronavirus vaccine and other vaccines will be made from the messenger RNA drug substance manufactured here. This is the first time that a pharmaceutical plant related to the new corona vaccine has been established in the prefecture.

Alkalis President Satoshi Takamatsu: "I think it would be possible to have them use our manufacturing capabilities and produce pharmaceuticals originating from Fukushima in that way.

In addition, a second plant and logistics facilities are scheduled to be built in the future, and the company aims to employ about 40 people locally this fiscal year.

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Victim to perpetrator?When will the nightmare end?

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田母神俊雄氏「東京を守るのは日本の魂」ネット「涙出た。ありがとう。」 - YouTube [46:25 minute video]


I have found the article on Article 4 of the Fiscal Law that Tamogami-sensei spoke of, and it is attached below. I believe that the amendment of Article 4 of the Fiscal Law was behind the Abenomics attempt by the late former Prime Minister Abe, and that it can be read here as to why Japan needs its right to independence.


After this I would like to give some specific examples of why Tamogami-sensei is a very good person. I would like to write another essay in the next 2-3 hours.

「財政の憲法9条」を改正するとき | アゴラ 言論プラットフォーム (agora-web.jp)


























Time to Revise "Article 9 of the Constitution of Finance

The biggest domestic incident this year was the assassination of former Prime Minister Abe. Although there appears to be no criminal connection behind the crime, it is unfortunate that we lost one of the greatest postwar politicians, Shinzo Abe, in such a manner. While his foreign and defense policies deserve a perfect score, his economic policies are still questionable.

Why has Abe become a "fiscal dove"?

The mainstream of the LDP has traditionally been a fiscal dove, while the right-wing has been a fiscal hawk. For example, Prime Minister Miyazawa adopted a Keynesian policy of "asset doubling," while Prime Minister Koizumi followed an austerity course of "structural reform" while dealing with bad loans. The first Abe Cabinet, which succeeded Koizumi, was hawkish, ending quantitative easing, but the second Cabinet became doves.

Fiscal stimulus was necessary to get out of the post-Lehman financial crisis. It is obvious that fiscal spending increases GDP, and no economist would deny that. The problem was "reflation," in which the Bank of Japan was able to generate as much financial resources as it could by "spinning the wheel.

Quantitative easing made sense as a policy when it was first discussed in the early 2000s. The BOJ tried it when Fukui was governor, but it was terminated in 2006 because it made no sense to increase the money supply alone while interest rates remained at zero.

On the other hand, zero interest rates have reduced the risk of fiscal deficits. The drawback of fiscal policy is that it leads to greater distortion in the allocation of resources, as politicians feed and prolong the lives of zombie companies, but it is an advantage for politicians. To put a stop to this, the Fiscal Law has prohibited government bonds in principle and their underwriting by the Bank of Japan.

The Curse of Article 4 of the Fiscal Law

However, Mr. Abe seems to have seen it the other way around: in an interview with Shigeru Kitamura (former Director General of the National Security Bureau) in the June issue of WiLL, Mr. Abe says, "Article 4 of the Fiscal Law, which prohibits the issuance of deficit-covering government bonds, is the very essence of the postwar regime. The Ministry of Finance's 1947 verbatim interpretation of the law stated.

Article IV is a provision aimed at maintaining sound finances and at the same time preventing the danger of war through public finance. The close and inseparable relationship between war and public debt is evident not only in the history of other countries, but also in the history of Japan, where it was impossible to carry out war plans without public debt. It can be said with certainty that where there is no public debt, there is no war. Therefore, it can also be said that this Article is an endorsement and guarantee of the Constitution's renunciation of war.

Here was the reflection of the Ministry of Finance, which had paved the way for war by allowing the massive issuance of wartime government bonds, and it was also a "vow of non-war" to the postwar intellectual community of contrition. From a different perspective, it could be said that the provision was created by GHQ to prevent rearmament.

Today, however, this restriction is meaningless. Since both construction bonds and deficit-covering bonds (special government bonds) can be issued with a resolution of the Diet, the Diet, in which the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has an overwhelming majority, is unable to curb the budget deficit. Article 4 of the Fiscal Law was a system to prevent wasteful spending of taxpayer funds by raising the hurdle for issuing government bonds, but like Article 9 of the Constitution, it is no longer functional.

We need integrated government debt management.

It is therefore not surprising that Mr. Abe, who sought to liquidate the "postwar regime" created by GHQ, was proactive in issuing JGBs, but why did he not amend Article 4 of the Fiscal Law?

Abe's controversial statement that "the BOJ is a subsidiary of the government" was controversial, but since JGBs are assets of the BOJ when viewed by the integrated government, their balances can be offset, and there is no problem if the BOJ becomes insolvent in its accounting. Rather, a system to control prices and interest rates through debt management by the integrated government is needed.

Article 5 of the Fiscal Law, which prohibits BOJ underwriting as debt management, is also an empty sentence. The 60-year redemption rule has not been implemented because most JGB refinancing is underwritten by the BOJ. The Ministry of Finance has set a goal of achieving a primary balance surplus, but this goal, like the BOJ's inflation target, has become a mere skeleton.

The defense bonds proposed by Mr. Abe were an attempt to break the barrier of construction bonds, but only some budget items, such as escort vessels, were included in the construction bonds in the next fiscal year's budget. Although there is no way to know Abe's true intentions now, he may have intended to revise the Fiscal Law when the Constitution is revised.

Liquidating the "Postwar Regime of Public Finance

Fiscal discipline is important, but it should be based on real economic stabilization, not anachronistic laws banning government bonds. as Lerner, the originator of MMT, said, the goal of economic policy is not fiscal stability but economic stability, so the risk of excessive debt causing a financial crisis or other shock is problematic.

Instead of theological debates about what to do about "responsibility to future generations," we need to think in terms of numerical simulations about what specific percentage increase in interest rates would cause a financial crisis, and what percentage of the net burden would be placed on future generations if government debt were to reach a level that is equivalent to a percentage of GDP.

Right now, this is determined by the Main Budget Office of the Ministry of Finance, but in developed countries it is usually checked by an independent body such as the United Kingdom's Office for Budget Responsibility. In a zero-interest-rate situation, monetary policy is ineffective, and controlling fiscal policy is far more important.

The essential issue is not a single year's fiscal balance, such as the PB, but setting the government's budget constraint on how the national burden (including social insurance contributions) will be paid over time. Ignoring this and continuing the state-run Ponzi scheme will impoverish the working-age population as the burden of government debt is added to social insurance premiums.

Why not amend Article 4 of the Fiscal Law to abolish the rule that JGBs are voted annually as "special public bonds" and amend Article 5 to allow the Bank of Japan to underwrite them and have the BOJ Policy Board control them? Of course, the Ministry of Finance would strongly oppose this idea, but it would be in line with Mr. Abe's legacy of trying to liquidate the "postwar regime of public finance.

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HOMIE KEI 近況…都知事選で田母神俊雄を支持する理由 / 『チカーノになった日本人』と元航空幕僚長の接点とは? 他(インタビュー) - YouTube [28:25 minute video]

いじめ撲滅運動を推進するHOMIE KEIさんのインタビューです。2024年の東京都知事選で田母神俊雄氏を応援している件などについて語って頂きました。 一般社団法人Homie子ども未来育成会 https://hcf110.com/

【ふたりの軌跡】7歳で家族全員を失い… "家族"になったおばちゃんと僕 震災からの13年とこれから 宮城 NNNセレクション (youtube.com) [16:35 minute video]

「津波」で家族全員が犠牲にー。宮城・石巻市の辺見佳祐さんは、「東日本大震災」で家族全員を失いました。7歳でひとりぼっちになった佳祐さんは、伯母と一緒に暮らし始めます。互いに遠慮がちだった2人は、日々を重ねるうちに親子のように絆を深めていきます。 「東日本大震災」から13年。20歳になり、この春 夢に向かって歩み始めた佳祐さん。‘家族になったボクとおばちゃん’の13年の軌跡を、お伝えします。

日本で大きな災害/人災が起こる度に社会構造の中核であるはずの家庭が破壊されて来ました。その中で最も大きな心の傷を追って生きているのが子供達です。同時に戦後の日本社会の矛盾のしわ寄せが一番降りかかって来るのも保護者の縦鉾を失った子供たちです。成人前の子供達には法律的な権利が認められません。いじめ撲滅運動を推進されているHOMIE KEIさんの存在を田母神俊雄で初めて知りました。Keiさんが面倒を見ておられる子供達は多分男の子だと思いますが最近では行き場の無い心の傷の痛みを暴力で誤魔化す悪い習慣を持った女の子達も増えていると思います。親を失うという事は自分の心の鏡と社会への架け橋を失うという事です。この損失を子供たちが自覚して希望を失わずに前進出来るようになるのには彼らが直面している問題の本質を理解しながら忍耐を持って支えになってくれる大人が必要です。そういう環境の中で心のリハビリテーションが可能になります。子供達が社会から不十分であることを指摘されても必要なリソースとサポート無しでは劣等感を植え付けるだけで解決にはなりません。一番目の動画からKeiさんの活動の大切さを田母神先生はご存知だという事を学びました

次の動画では 東日本大震災で7歳で家族全員を失った辺見佳祐さんのお話を知りました。幸い佳祐くんの叔母さんが佳祐くんのお父さんが残して逝った自動車整備会社の経営を引き受けながら学校から帰った佳祐くんの家での面倒も引き受けてくれたそうです。もしも叔母さんがいなかったら佳祐くんはKeiさんにお世話をして貰っていたかもしれません。幸い佳祐くんは叔母さんの献身的なサポートのおかげで自動車整備技師の学校を卒業してお父さんの会社の跡継ぎができる大人に成長することが出来ました。



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【西鋭夫】日本を甦らせる魂の激励 #伝説のスピーチ #西鋭夫 #スタンフォード大学フーヴァー研究所 #魂の講演会2015 (youtube.com) [16:31 minute video]

00:31 日本の2大問題点 00:41 劣化した日本の教育システム 04:00 戦後教育をいまだに続ける文科省 04:40 米国に骨抜きにされた日本の精神 06:24 戦争の禊をしない日本のリーダー 07:53 米国に搾取される日本 09:20 GHQマッカーサーが恐れた日本人の底力 10:22 今も続くGHQ洗脳教育 11:39 GHQ製憲法を押し付けられた日本 最新講演会はこちら: https://in.prideandhistory.jp/nilive2...


日本人と日本を守るこの女性がいることを知っておこう! (youtube.com) [13:39 minute video]


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茅の輪(ちのわ)くぐりとは? 2024年はいつ? 唱え詞や茅の輪くぐりができる神社をチェック | HugKum(はぐくむ) (sho.jp)

What is Chinowa Kukuri? When is the year 2024? Check out the chanting and shrines where you can go through thatching rings.


Have you ever seen large rings made of grass and trees set up at shrines around the end of June? That is the "Chi-no-wa" or "ring of thatch. Passing through this thatch ring is called "Chi-no-wa-kuguri. 

In this article, we will explain the origin of "Kayanokuguri", the day it is held, the procedure and method of Kayanokuguri, and "Tonaewords" for Kayanokuguri. We will also introduce shrines where you can go through thatching rings.


What is thatching?


Kayanokuguri is a ritual in which people walk through a ring several meters in diameter woven from thatch, a member of the grass family. It is an event to purify the body and mind, to drive out bad luck, and to pray for good health.


The thatched rings are placed inside so-called "boundaries," such as within the precincts of shrines and under torii (gateways to Shinto shrines).


What is the origin?


The origin of the "Kayano-wanna-kuguri" ceremony is found in Japanese mythology.


Susanoo-no-mikoto was traveling in Bingo Province (eastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture) and was looking for an inn. At that time, a man named Sominshorai, who lived in poverty, treated Susanoo with hospitality.


A few years later, Susanoo visited Sominoshorai again and told him that if an epidemic broke out, he should make a ring of thatched grass and wear it around his waist to escape from danger. After that, he was able to escape from the disease. This is said to be the origin of the thatched-rope procession.


In the old days, people used to wear thatched rings around their waists to pray for good health, but around the early Edo period (1603-1867), people began to walk through a large ring as we do today.


There are several theories as to why thatch was used for the rings: thatch has diuretic properties and was used as a herbal medicine to restore health in summer, or thatch was thought to have the power to ward off evil spirits.


When is the thatch-ring-going ceremony held?

The thatch-ring-going ceremony is held on the same day every year. Let us explain when the day is.


June 30, the day of purification in summer (Nagoshi-no-harae)


The purification of thatch is usually held on June 30 every year. This day is called "Nagoshi-no-harae," which falls on the last day of June, halfway through the year.


At some shrines, rings of thatch are set up for a short period of time starting around June 30. During the period when they are in place, visitors can walk through the rings of thatch at any time.


The Toshikoshi-no-Harae (New Year's Eve purification) is also held on December 31.


The Natsukoshi-no-harae, held on the last day of June, is the counterpart ritual to the Toshikoshi-no-harae, held on the 31st, the last day of December. The combination of Natsukoshi-no-harae and Nenkoshi-no-harae is called "Oharae" (Great Purification). Both are ceremonies to purify the body from bad luck.


Some shrines also hold a "New Year's Eve Purification" in December. If a shrine has many worshippers, the rings of thatch are set up around the 28th of the month and remain there until the time of Hatsumode in the New Year.

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Kansas AG Pfizer Lawsuit Will Stop CV19 Bioweapon Vax Industry – Karen Kingston | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Kansas AG Pfizer Lawsuit Will Stop CV19 Bioweapon Vax Industry – Karen Kingston

カンザス州知事ファイザー社提訴はCV19生物兵器Vax産業を阻止する - カレン・キングストン

By Greg Hunter On June 19, 2024

In a stunning new CV19 vax lawsuit filed this week by Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach, there is new hope to finally bring down the CV19 bioweapon vax industry.  AG Kobach filed a lawsuit against Pfizer, the biggest maker of the CV19 so-called “vaccine” with more than 60% of the market globally.  Kobach is alleging “unlawful misrepresentation” of the efficacy of the injections and “censoring public discussion” of the disastrous effects of the injections.  On top of that, it is reported by Kobach that four other states are going to join the Kansas AG’s lawsuit.  This is big, and biotech analyst Karen Kingston, who has warned from the beginning of the murderous and disabling effects of the CV19 injections, explains why, “I am overjoyed to share this.  Again, AG Kobach is suing Pfizer for ‘fraud and unconscionable acts.’  Ten counts have been brought against Pfizer, including conspiring with Health and Human Services (HHS), the (legacy) media, social media, other agencies and even the lobbying group ‘Bio.’  Even bigger than that, Kobach announced four other states will be joining this lawsuit and potentially even more. . .”

カンザス州のクリス・コバック司法長官が今週起こした新たなCV19ワクチン訴訟で、ついにCV19生物兵器ワクチン産業を崩壊させる新たな希望が見えてきた。 コバック司法長官は、世界市場の60%以上を占めるCV19いわゆる「ワクチン」の最大手メーカーであるファイザー社を提訴した。 コバック司法長官は、ワクチン注射の有効性に関する「違法な不当表示」と、ワクチン注射の悲惨な影響に関する「公的議論の検閲」を主張している。 その上、他の4つの州もカンザス州知事の訴訟に加わる予定だとコバックは報告している。 バイオテクノロジー・アナリストのカレン・キングストンは、当初からCV19注射の殺人的で無効な効果を警告してきた。 繰り返しますが、コバック司法長官はファイザー社を『詐欺と不誠実な行為』で訴えています。 保健福祉サービス(HHS)、(レガシー)メディア、ソーシャルメディア、他の機関、さらにはロビー団体『バイオ』との共謀など、10件の訴因がファイザーに対して提起されている。 それ以上に大きなこととして、コバックは他の4つの州がこの訴訟に参加することを発表し、さらに増える可能性もある。. ."

Why were other vax makers not sued?  Kingston said, “It was because of the contract Pfizer had.  They were not under the supervision of the U.S. government and did not participate with the Warp Speed program.  Under that program, the U.S. government controlled the products that were being manufactured. . . . What it comes down to is because of the contract that Pfizer signed with the U.S. government, and it looks like Trump had his fingerprints all over it, the art of the deal, Trump broke Pfizer’s liability shield that the contract would be a weapon, so that state prosecutors and Americans could sue Pfizer if they did anything wrong.  They tried to defraud us, and they harmed and manipulated us.”

なぜ他のワクチンメーカーは訴えられなかったのか? キングストンは、「ファイザーとの契約があったからです。 彼らはアメリカ政府の監督下になく、ワープ・スピード・プログラムにも参加していなかった。 そのプログラムでは、米国政府は製造される製品を管理していた。. . . 結局のところ、ファイザーが米国政府と交わした契約のせいであり、トランプは彼の指紋をすべてつけたように見える。 彼らは私たちをだまし取ろうとし、私たちに危害を加え、操ったのだ。"

Just in Kansas alone, Pfizer could be liable for hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for killing and harming people.  Kingston goes on to say, “In all of these counts that are being brought by Kansas and the four additional states, the 10th count is the most important because so much for saying the Covid-19 injections are not safe and effective and they do cause harm, disease, disability, infertility, Myocarditis, Pericarditis and death.  It is no longer a conspiracy theory.  It is a fact with count number 10, it is a civil conspiracy.”

カンザス州だけでも、ファイザー社は人を殺し、傷つけたとして数億ドルの損害賠償責任を負う可能性がある。 カンザス州と追加された4つの州によって起こされているこれらの訴えの中で、第10の訴えが最も重要です。なぜなら、コビッド-19注射は安全で効果的ではなく、害、病気、障害、不妊、心筋炎、心膜炎、死を引き起こすからです。 もはや陰謀論ではない。 これは事実であり、カウントナンバー10、市民的陰謀である。"

Many groups are alleged to have conspired to keep information about the dangers of these CV19 injections from the public.  Some of the groups are the US government’s Health and Human Services (HHS), Stanford University and ‘BIO’ (Biotechnology Innovation Organization), the world’s largest bio lobbying group.  Kingston adds, “BIO was the group that worked behind the scenes to shut down the BIOSECURE Act on behalf of China. . . . Even though these other groups are named as co-conspirators in this lawsuit, they are not going after those co-conspirators.  You let Pfizer bring them in and explain what happened.”  Kingston adds all co-conspirators can be sued for their role in hiding the truth about the CV19 injections from the public at a later time.

このCV19注射の危険性に関する情報を一般大衆から隠そうと、多くのグループが共謀したとされている。 その中には、米国政府の保健福祉局(HHS)、スタンフォード大学、世界最大のバイオロビー団体である『BIO』(バイオテクノロジー革新機構)などがある。 BIOは中国に代わってBIOSECURE法を封じるために水面下で動いたグループです。. . . この訴訟で他のグループが共謀者として名を連ねているにもかかわらず、彼らはその共謀者を追及していない。 ファイザーに彼らを連行させ、何が起こったかを説明させるのです」。 キングストンは、CV19注射に関する真実を国民に隠蔽する役割を果たしたすべての共謀者は、後日訴えられる可能性があると付け加えている。

Kingston also points out, “When the BIOSECURE Act was brought up earlier this year, all the CEOs of Pfizer, GSK, AstraZeneca, they all flew to China and said you’ve got our backs, right?  You are going to protect us, right? . . . . I think these Attorneys General are starting to wake up and say, wait a second, this mRNA technology from our U.S. pharma companies was actually used as a weapon against the American people.  If they don’t stop it, there will be no future for our country.  There will be no posterity.  I think they are realizing that, but I also think they want to avoid World War III.”

今年の初めにBIOSECURE法が提出されたとき、ファイザー、GSK、アストラゼネカのCEOはみな中国に飛び、あなたは私たちの背中を守ってくれますよね? 我々を守ってくれるんだろう?. . . . 私は、これらの検事総長は目を覚まし始めていると思う。 それを止めなければ、わが国の未来はない。 後世もない。 彼らはそのことに気づいていると思うが、第三次世界大戦を避けたいのだとも思う。

In closing, Kingston says the Pfizer data proves, “If you get the injection, you get the (CV19) infection.  It is the exact opposite of what we would call a vaccine.  On top of that, they (Pfizer) knew about all the disease, disability, infertility and death that it would cause. . . . Their actual labeling is criminal. . . .Forcing the CV19 vaccine was about breaking American values and breaking our belief that individuals have human rights.  That’s what it was about. . . . This is also about editing human beings, and not just human beings, but all biological lifeforms.  The synthetic bio industry wants to do this to the world, and they want the laws to go away.  They think they are the good guys.”

最後にキングストンは、ファイザーのデータは「注射を打てば(CV19に)感染する」ことを証明していると言う。 これはワクチンとは正反対のものです。 その上、彼ら(ファイザー社)は、それが引き起こすすべての病気、障害、不妊、そして死について知っていた。. . . 彼らの実際の表示は犯罪的だ。CV19ワクチンの強制は、アメリカの価値観を壊し、個人には人権があるという信念を壊すことだった。 それが目的だったのだ。. . . これは人間を編集することでもあり、人間だけでなく、すべての生物学的生命体を編集することでもある。 合成バイオ産業は、このようなことを世界に対して行いたがっており、法律をなくしたがっている。 彼らは自分たちが善人だと思っている。

There is much more in the 51-minute interview.


H.R.7085 - 118th Congress (2023-2024): BIOSECURE Act | Congress.gov | Library of Congress

Shown Here:
Introduced in House (01/25/2024)


This bill prohibits federal contracting with certain biotechnology providers connected to foreign adversaries, with exceptions.

Specifically, the bill prohibits executive agencies from (1) procuring or obtaining any biotechnology equipment or service produced or provided by a biotechnology company of concern, or (2) entering into a contract or extending or renewing a contract that uses such equipment or service or that will require the direct use of such equipment or services. Those agencies may not obligate or expend loan or grant funds for such purposes.

biotechnology company of concern includes BGI, MGI, Complete Genomics, WuXi AppTec, and any subsidiary, parent affiliate, or successor of such entities, and any entity that

  • is subject to the jurisdiction, direction, control, or operates on behalf of the government of a foreign adversary;

  • is involved in the manufacturing, distribution, provision, or procurement of a biotechnology equipment or service; and

  • poses a risk to U.S. national security based on specified activities.

Executive agencies may waive the prohibitions on a case-by-case basis under specified circumstances.

The Office of Management and Budget must develop and periodically update a list of the entities that constitute biotechnology companies of concern.


下院に提出 (01/25/2024)




懸念されるバイオテクノロジー企業には、BGIMGIComplete GenomicsWuXi AppTec、およびこれらの企業の子会社、親会社、関連会社、後継会社、および以下の企業が含まれる。

- 外国の敵対国の政府の管轄、指示、統制に服するか、または政府のために活動する事業体;

- バイオテクノロジー機器またはサービスの製造、流通、提供、調達に関与している。

- 特定の活動に基づき、米国の国家安全保障にリスクをもたらす。



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【伝説のスピーチ】「日本はこれから黄金時代になると思います」日本が強くなるために知るべき"明治維新・坂本龍馬の真実"|スタンフォード大学フーヴァー研究所リサーチフェロー(1977~2023)西鋭夫教授 (youtube.com) [21:07 minute video]

私たちは美学の国です。私たちの文化遺伝子はそんなガキのレベルじゃございません。3000年もかけて作り上げたこの日本文化 日本国民 日本の遺伝子 偉大なりでございます。平安時代が日本の黄金時代ではなくてこれから来る時代が黄金時代になると思っております。私達どこから狂ってきた?狂ってきたというのは何処から弱くなってきた?どこから日本を忘れてきたの?どこから日本が大切じゃ無くなってきたの?




日本教育にお金を使っておりません。国が使っておりません。親と兄弟達が自分の息子娘にお金を使っているんです。全世界で国がどれだけ教育にお金を注ぐか。日本は30番位です。これだけ教育がスキでこれだけ教育に必死になっている国が。ついでに都合の悪い事ばっかり言いますけど。あのTOEFLという試験があります。TOEIC とかTOEFLTOEFLはアメリカの大学 大学院に入るときに使う英語の試験です。TOEICはそのTOEFLが難しいのでTOEFLを作っている会社ににほんが頼んで日本用に易しい物を作ってもらった。TOEICというのは。こんな物を作るほど私達は劣ってきたのか?TOEFLでアジアの得点数ピラミッドを作りますと。一番下は忘れました。27か国ありますが日本は26位です。北朝鮮が25位。とうとうたまらなくなって石川遼君にお願いしてスピードラーニング。


なんで日本の学者はアメリカに行くとノーベル賞を貰って日本の国からは(受賞者が)出てこない?アメリカに40年50年永住されているノーベル賞を貰った先生方がたまたま元日本人でおられたので日本人の一人に数えている。なんと惨めな事をするここの(日本の)教育だ。いや私達はノーベル賞を評価してますよ。世界中で評価してます。しかし日本人でノーベル賞を貰った人全員アメリカの研究 アメリカの研究費 アメリカの研究環境。なんでここで育たない?


私達どこから狂ってきた?文武両道やってるのはアメリカの大学ですよ。私達どこから狂ってきた?狂ってきたというのはどこから弱くなってきたの?どこから日本を忘れてきた?どこから日本が大切じゃなくなってきたの?どこから国際化 グローバル化を飲み込んで そこに進歩があると錯覚して気が付いたらこの様よ。近代日本の出発点は明治維新とされていますがあそこでなんか吹き込まれたんか?注射されたんですか?あの富国強兵とは何じゃ?文明開化?あたかも日本に文明が無かったような話だろう。ランク違いだろう私達と欧米。私たちは3000年の世界。そこと数百年の国の何が文明文化じゃ?


みなさん今から明治維新に入って行きますが皆さんが今常識として知識として持っておられる明治 間違っているとは言いませんが100%のうちご存知なのは10%で残りの90%は明治維新はこうであったという願望です。ご説明いたします。ちょっと込み入った話になりますが西教授の歴史のクラスだと思って我慢して聞いてください。我慢しなくても面白いです。明治維新は維新になった直後から御用学者がおりまして明治維新について新しい歴史を書き始めたんです。その一つの例。皆さん良くご存知の坂本竜馬。確かに維新の風雲児。間違い無いです。風雲児。坂本竜馬。あれほど動き回った男は数少ないです。お亮さんを連れてあちこち旅行しまくった 密談しまくった男いないです。彼の旅行費だれが出したの?船に乗るお金 宿に泊まるお金 ご飯を食べるお金はだれが出したの?明治維新とお金の話をすると何か皆さん偶像が壊れるんですか?神話を書いた紙が破られるんですか?金は誰が出したんじゃ?おい。竜馬お前のスポンサーは誰?坂本竜馬。お前あれだけ動き回って あれだけ武器を積んで 薩摩の名義で買ってあげて長州へ運んで行ったんだ。これで薩摩と長州の同盟ができました。私が知りたいのはこれだけ膨大な量の武器弾薬 それから積んだ船 そのお金どこから出たの?あの戊辰戦争は何だったの?完全に薩長土佐勝ってた。何で日本中を歩いて 会津若松まで行って皆殺しにして 上野公園も皆殺しにして 函館まで行って皆殺し。日本人の侍ども 降参したらそこまで殺さなかったんだろう?親分をだせ 親分を 切腹。官軍なんであんなにたくさんのライフル銃を持ってたの?素晴らしい大砲も。


私達真実を追求するときに都合の悪い事にいっぱい出会います。真実を知らないとその上に作った建物はガラガラと崩れます。日本で明治維新と言うとお金の話なんかしちゃいけない世界じゃ。卑しいのか?品がないのか?そんな話持ち出して。アメリカで勉強してる時にいろんな問題でわからなくなって 人間関係で 政治関係で。最初に私たちが教授達から習うのは“Follow the money” お金がどう動いたかその後ろを追いかけろじゃ。金が動いた道を追いかけてご覧。色んな事が分るよと言われました。




イギリスはアフリカ 中東 インド パキスタン バングラデシュも含めて植民地にしていきます。手向かえば殺しました。大二次アヘン戦争が終わって1860年あとアジアで残っているのは中國から 広東から 香港から上見るとタツノオトシゴのような日本がぺたーっと寝ている。あのジパング金銀がいっぱいある。鎖国しやがってふざけた野郎。明治維新は全部イギリスのアジア戦略です。英国は中國で戦争をやり自分の金を使い自分の将兵を死なせこんなことやってる俺たち英国か?日本へ行ったら日本の現地のテロリストを養成してそいつらに戦わせよう。武器と作戦とそういうものはこっちから供給して内戦を起こさせろ。


あのグラバーってのはだれですか?アヘンの話をしたのは理由があります。誰あれ?広東で会社を立ち上げたという第一次アヘン戦争の責任者影の仕掛け人。その長崎支店長がトーマスグラバー。グラバーと薩長土佐のお兄ちゃん。大戦争してるはずのお兄ちゃん。2階の隠し部屋で密談していた。その隠し部屋が見つかったのが15年ほど前です。竜馬は動き回ります。あちこちで軍艦を調達し武器弾薬を調達し薩摩と土佐と長州と肥後。一緒になったら絶対に何かできる。そこまで私達教えられた。No No No. 話ができすぎていますよ。皆さん。


皆さんもっと自由にものを考えられておかしいなと思ったら完全にそこがおかしいんです。皆さん宿題。坂本竜馬の金はだれが出した?まずそういう質問も無いわけ。私達 今この日本 真実に飢えてるんですよ。もういい加減なことはいいから本当の事を行ってくれ。私達の文化遺伝子。そんながきのレベルじゃございません。3000年もかけて作り上げたこの日本文化 日本国民 日本の遺伝子 偉大なりでございます。平安時代が日本の黄金時代じゃなくてこれから来る時代が黄金時代になると思っております。現実を知って本当の事を見てその上に構築していく日本の黄金時代。私達卓越した能力ともっと卓越しているのは能力を知識を大切にするという文化の土壌。他所の国にはございません。大きな 大きな日本の課題はリーダーの選び方です。この国に崇めるリーダーおられますか?今いないから明治維新を憧れで見てあの時はリーダーがいたと。これから安倍内閣を倒しましょうと。お笑いになります。その通り。ところが維新の話になると皆さん笑われませんよ。それを新興宗教の様に信じ込んでます。皆さん明治維新になると神話を信じ込んでんじゃ。皆さんの知能が知力が突然中止。動くなよ。壊すなよ。私たちは美学の国です。福島に行っても秩序 和が乱れない。誰も見てない。それぞれ生き延びる事が精一杯でも。その和の美学 秩序の美学 思いやりの美学 これがある限り日本は偉大な国になります。言語 日本語の中に日本語の魂 言霊がありましてその言霊が日本文化の日本文明の命 魂でございます。どうもありがとうございました。

プロフィール 194112月大阪生まれ。 関西学院大学文学部卒業後、ワシントン大学大学院に学ぶ。 同大学院で修士号と博士号取得(国際政治・教育学博士) J・ウォルター・トンプソン広告代理店に勤務後、1977年よりスタンフォード大学フーヴァー研究所博士号取得研究員、 それより2023年までフーヴァー研究所教授 。 米国では、全米中継のテレビ番組に多数出演。 スタンフォード大学フーヴァー研究所から出版した『Unconditional Democracy』は、米国の名門大学で教科書となる。 20161月、フーヴァー研究所で初めて日本人が創立した冠講座「Tadahiro Ogawa Endowed Chair」(小川忠洋研究基金)を設立。

I believe that Japan will be in a golden age from now on." "The truth about the Meiji Restoration and Ryoma Sakamoto" is important to know in order for Japan to be fortified.

We are a country of aesthetics. Our cultural genes are not at the level of a child, but it has been cultivated over a period of 3,000 years consisting of the unique culture, the people with the genetic makeup. I believe that the Heian period was not the golden age for Japan, but the coming era will be the golden age of Japan. Where did we go crazy, and by crazy, I mean where did we become weak? Where did we forget Japan? Where did Japan become less important?

Why have we been at war since the Meiji era?

Gentlemen, Japan did not fight a single war in 250 years during the Edo period. We didn’t need weapons. Japan went to war for 70 years from the year after the Meiji Restoration until 1945. Who did Japan go to war for? From the beginning of the Meiji era. What have we been taught? Civilization and enlightenment, de-industrialization, de-emergence into Europe, wealth and strength, and so on. Imitate the Western powers in everything. Where did we go crazy from? Where did we swallow internationalization and globalization, and then realize that there was progress in it, and now we find ourselves in this pathetic situation.

Is Japan's TOEFL scores below North Korea's?

We are not spending money on education in Japan. The government is not allocating a budget for it. Parents and siblings are investing money on their sons and daughters education. How much money does the country spend on education in the whole world? Japan ranks 30th, a country that is so fond of education and so desperate for education. And I'm going to say something you may not like. TOEFL is an English test used to access students’ proficiency for English for universities and graduate schools in the U.S. TOEIC was created for Japan to be less challenging by a company that makes TOEFL because TOEFL was too difficult. I forgot the bottom of the pyramid, but 27 Asian countries are in this pyramid. Japan ranks 26th, and North Korea is 25th. I finally couldn't take it anymore and asked Ryo Ishikawa to speed-learn.(he probably asked Ryo Ishikawa to come up with a program to speed up the learning for Japanese students.)

The United States to foster Japanese Nobel Prize winners

Why do Japanese scholars get Nobel Prizes when they go to the U.S. and no winners come from the country of Japan? The Nobel Prize-winning professors who have lived permanently in the U.S. for 40 or 50 years happen to be former Japanese, so I regard them as Japanese. What a miserable thing to do here with education in Japan. No, we appreciate the Nobel Prize in Japan and so does the world, but all the Japanese who have received Nobel Prizes are American researcher with American research funding in American research environment. Why not here in Japan?

The Meiji Restoration that drove Japan crazy.

Where did we go crazy from? It is the American universities that are doing both Monbusho and Budo. When do you say we have gone insane? Where did we forget Japan? Where did Japan become less important? Where did we swallow internationalization and globalization under the illusion that there was progress there, and then find ourselves in this mess? The starting point of modern Japan is considered to be the Meiji Restoration. Were you injected with something? What was that "wealthy nation and strong military"? Civilization and enlightenment? As if Japan had no civilization. There must be a difference in the ranking between us and the West. Ours is a 3,000 year old world. What is the civilization and culture of a country that is a few hundred years old?

The Mystery Behind the Meiji Restoration

I would like to start with the Meiji Restoration, which you are all familiar with as common knowledge. I am not saying that you are wrong, but out of the 100% you are aware of, only 10% are correct and the remaining 90% are makebeliefs. Let me explain. It will be a bit complicated, but please bear with me and think of it as Professor Nishi's history class. It is interesting even if you don't have to put up with it. Immediately after the Meiji Restoration, there were imperial scholars who began to write a new history of the Meiji Restoration. One example. Sakamoto Ryoma, whom you all know very well. He was certainly a hero of the Meiji Restoration. There is no doubt about it. Ryoma Sakamoto.. There are few men who moved around as much as Sakamoto Ryoma. He traveled around with Oryo. There was no man who had so many secret talks. Who paid for his trip? Who paid for the boat ride, the lodging, and the food? If I talk about the Meiji Restoration and money, will it destroy your idols image?

Is the myth torn up? Who paid all the money? Hey. Ryoma, who was your sponsor? Sakamoto Ryoma. He moved around so much, loaded so many weapons, bought them in Satsuma's name and carried them to Choshu. This was how the alliance between Satsuma and Choshu was formed. What I want to know is this enormous amount of arms and ammunition, and the ships that carried them, where did that money come from? What was that Boshin War all about? Satsuma and Tosa completely won. Why did they walk all over Japan to Aizu Wakamatsu, killed everyone, killed everyone in Ueno Park, went to Hakodate to kill everyone. It was so unlike Japanese samurai who surrendered, why did they need to kill that many samurai instead of having Oyabun (boss) committing seppuku, taking only one life. Why did the government army have so many rifles? And great cannons.

Follow the money

We encounter a lot of inconvenient things when we pursue the truth. If you don't know the truth, what you build on top of it will rattle and crumble. When you talk about the Meiji Restoration in Japan, you are not allowed to talk about money. Is it vulgar to bring up such things? When I was studying in the U.S., I lost track of many issues, in human relations, in politics. The first thing we learned from our professors was "Follow the money.” You will find out many things.

Opium used for invasion

There is almost no mention of opium in history. I'll tell you a couple of stories about how much money opium made from the Golden Age of the British Empire from about 1750 to 1900. It was the Golden Age. A quarter of the earth was British colony. One third of the world's population lived in that one quarter of the earth. One third of the world's population, or 50% of the annual budget of the British fleet, which controlled the seven seas, came from Indian opium. The British built a great empire on opium. Without opium, the British Empire could not have existed.

Britain's Sneaky Formula for Global Hegemony

The British would colonize Africa, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh as well. If confronted, they killed. After the Second Opium War ended in 1860, all that remained of Asia were Japan lying like seahorse on the ground from China, Guangdong, and Hong Kong. Zipangu was full of gold and silver. They were a bunch of fools for shutting themselves off from the rest of the world. The Meiji Restoration was all a British Asian strategy. The British were waging war in China, spending their own money, letting their own generals die. And the British went on to Japan, trained local Japanese as terrorists and turn them against each other. They supplied the weapons, the tactics, and all that stuff, and instigated the Japanese to start a civil war.

The Mystery of the Glover House's Hidden Room

Who was this Glover? There's a reason I mentioned opium. The shadowy plotter responsible for the first opium war who said he started his company in Canton. Its Nagasaki branch manager was Thomas Glover. Glover and his big brother Satcho Tosa had secret talks in a hidden room on the second floor. That hidden room was found about 15 years ago. Ryoma moved around. He procured warships here and there, weapons and ammunition, Satsuma and Tosa and Choshu and Higo. If they worked together, they could definitely do some damage. We were taught that much. Gentlemen.

Japan, the Land of Aesthetics

If you all think it's funny to think things more freely, that's completely where you're wrong. Homework. Who paid for Sakamoto Ryoma? First of all, no one questioned. We were hungry for the truth. Enough of the bullshit. Our cultural makeup. This Japanese culture, Japanese people, Japanese DNAs, which have been created over a period of 3,000 years, are great. I believe that the Heian period was not the golden age of Japan, but the coming era will be the golden age. What is more outstanding than our outstanding ability is the cultural soil that values ability and knowledge, which is not found in other countries. The big, big challenge for Japan is how to choose leaders. Are there leaders in this country that we revere? We don't have any now, so we look at the Meiji Restoration with admiration and say we had a leader then. Now they want to overthrow the Abe Cabinet. It would be a laugh. That is right. But when we talk about the Meiji Restoration, people don't laugh. They believe in it as if it were a new religion. You all believe in a myth when it comes to the Meiji Restoration. Your intelligence suddenly stops. Don't move. Don't break it. We are a country of aesthetics. Even if you go to Fukushima, order and harmony will not be disturbed even if one is watching. Even though each of us is doing our best to survive. The aesthetics of harmony, the aesthetics of order, the aesthetics of consideration, as long as we have this, Japan will be a great country. In the Japanese language, there is the soul of Japanese language and the spirit, and the spirit of Japanese language is the life and soul of Japanese culture and Japanese civilization. Thank you very much.

▼ Profile Born in Osaka in December 1941. After graduating from Kansei Gakuin University with a BA in Literature, studied at the University of Washington Graduate School. After working for J. Walter Thompson Advertising Agency, he became a postdoctoral fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University in 1977 and a professor at the Hoover Institution until 2023. In the U.S., he has appeared on numerous nationally televised programs. His book "Unconditional Democracy," published by the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, has become a textbook at prestigious universities in the United States. In January 2016, he established the Tadahiro Ogawa Endowed Chair (Tadahiro Ogawa Research Fund), the first endowed chair established by a Japanese at the Hoover Institution.


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